Possibly the cutest League of Legends champion is the star of these adorable comics by Rachel J Corey!

Art by Rachel J Corey


Star Guardian Lux

When Riot released the Star Guardian Lux skin I admit I got excited.
I’m not even a Lux player but I purchased the champ and the skin immediately and taught myself to play her. So when I came across this amazing picture by ptcrow I felt it truly captured the feel of the character. I would watch the crap out of this if it were a screen cap from a show. XD

Art by ptcrow

Crona at Kawaii-Kon 2015

Did you come across this Crona at Kawaii-Kon 2015 but missed your chance to take a photo?
I’ve got your back! The photos are coming in…VERY slowly… but I have a photo shoot with my friend Liz that we did for your viewing pleasure! Hang tight because there will be more to come!

Crona cosplay by Liz Photography by LuckyInks