10 Amazing Pokemon Fusions

Another great thing coming out of the pokemon fandom are Pokemon Fusions! 
It is exactly what it sounds like, fusing two different pokemon together to create an entirely new pokemon! The results can range anywhere from adorable to down right terrifying. Here are ten of my favorites so far!

10.) Starcruel by TentacleWaitress

9.) Dewbasaur by UltraHurtMan

8.) Culithe by Kauritsuo

7.)Zuish by pokketmowse

6.) CharChamp by starvingstudents

5.) Geneon by Chronokhalil

4.) Venonine by suiamena

3.) Cutails by kuraudia

2.) Kingsir by nalintj

1.) Mewssingno. by starvingstudents

You can create your very own pokemon fusions right here!


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