Attack on Titan with Haus Of Concernicus

I love cosplay photography.
Sometimes I get to hop behind the camera at conventions and take a few photo shoots with awesome people but that usually doesn’t happen unless I actually have someone to cover my Artist Alley table for me or the rare chance that I am not working a table at that convention.  This was one of the latter moments and I had the awesome chance to work with Haus of Concernicus! Here are a few favorite shots we took a couple of years back at Oni Con 2013. I look forward to working with them again in the future. ^_^


6 Inked Disney Royalty

Disney princesses are popular, that’s for sure. 
Italian artist Emmanuel Viola has captured these Disney princesses showing off their beautiful tattoos with some attitude!


The Pokemon fandom is bursting with creativity. 
From variants to fusions and everything in between, this is a fandom that seems to never sleep! Here is something of a combination of a fusion and variant pokemon… crossbreeds! These beautiful pieces of art below are created by Raikissu of the pokemon Lilligant!

You can find more of RaiKissu‘s art here and here!

Manga Recommendation: Onepunch Man


What happens when you can end every fight with a single punch? Saitama finds himself frustrated that he is no longer able to feel the adrenaline and thrill of a fight, making him question why he even wanted to be strong in the first place.


The manga is a revamped version of a web comic originally drawn by ONE. Having read both (I was only able to read up to a certain point in the original web comic) I was blown away at just how well the newer version captured the old web comic! Each character really does look simply like a better drawn version and the story is basically just “cleaned up” to improve the pacing for the reader. The series has also scored its own anime, coming out in October!


So why read this manga? This manga truly got me interested with its odd take on a super hero story and KEPT my interest. It really doesn’t take itself too seriously. I’m also not the kind of person who will typically find the main character to be a favorite but Onepuch Man has changed that for me. Saitama is hands-down my favorite character in the entire series, even heart-throbs Genos  & Speed of Sound Sonic can’t come close.

25 Incredible League of Legends Cosplays!

Cosplay can be a fun experience.
Then there are those incredible few who really take it up a notch or two and practically BECOME the characters! Here are a few League of Legends cosplayers that have crossed into that epic status!

25) Zyra by talyBb Cosplays  Photos by Jack Fluck Photography

24) Jayce by Jasper Sardonicus   Photo by Xen_Photography

Photo by Tsumik

23) Shyvanna by SwanselArt  Photos by Stephane You Photography

22) Aatrox by Prizmatec Cosplay

21) Diana by Calypsen Cosplay    Photos by Broken Image Graphic & Photography

20) Karma by Scarlatta    Photo edits by Sebastian Lanzara

19) Twisted Fate by blackconvoy   Photos by Eva

18) Jinx by Marie Evans   Photos by Eva

17) Star Guardian Lux by Misa TW Cosplayer  Photos by 佐楓 人像紀錄寫真

16) Ekko by Kadu=Out  Photos by Sonicjkevin

15) Morgana by Débora Fuzeti Cosplay

14)  Vladimir by Ragnaradi   Photos by photographer-eva

13) Sivir by Bonnies Cosplay  Photos by MH Photography

12) Yasuo by Elffi Cosplay  Photo by ReflexStudio

Photo by Fernando Brischetto – Photographes Sans Frontieres

11) Sweetheart Annie by Zekia  Photos by EShao Studio

10) Draven by Shinrajunkie  Photos by SF Design

9) Nami by 3+1=Kuro Photos by 愛微醺 三次元美學攝影 女性攝影師-李寶羚

8) Garen by Junkers Cosplay  Photos by Martin Wong

7) Frostblade Irelia by Rikka Blurhound  Photos by NaNeee? Photography

6) Lee Sin by Henchmen Props  Photo by JwaiDesign Photography

Photo by Cosplayers of Canada

5) Leona by ConJurer CJ  Photos by The Art of Mezame

4) Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao by Okageo  Photos by Tiffany Ho Productions

3) Soraka by RubeeAmadare  Photos by aKami777

2) Ezreal by Eriol Cosplays    Photos by JPA Fotografias


1) DJ Sona by Glory Lamothe     Photos by Photographes Sans Frontieres

10 Terrifying Mass Effect Reaper Concepts

The Reapers in Bioware’s Mass Effect series make for incredible nightmare fuel.
If the thought of becoming a Husk wasn’t scary enough imagine running into one of these monstrosities dreamed up by the ever talented AndrewRyanArt!

10) Reaper Hanar

Blasto would not approve. Enkindle THIS!

9) Reaper Quarian

I think I’d rather NOT see under the mask of this one. And those reaper drones to boot? Now that’s just cheating!

8) Reaper Drell

Drell are one of my favorite races in the series but I think I’ll take a hard pass on this one. Yeah.. hard pass.

7) Reaper Krogan

Krogans are known to be tough BAMFs in the ME universe. Running into one taken over by a Reaper would mean almost certain death!

6) Reaper Salarian

As long as it doesn’t break into song I think I can deal with this.

5) Reaper Elcor

Threateningly. Target locked.

4) Reaper Varren

Aww poor puppy!

3) Reaper Volus

It looks like this guy is rigged to run up and explode in your face… like the wind of a biotic god!

2) Reaper Vorcha

Vorcha are pretty gross to look at already but this combination just makes them all the more… repulsive.I imagine their incredible recovery rate would make these guys near impossible to kill too.

1) Reaper Yahg

Game over. I don’t even… Yahgs are the last thing you want to run into (next to a Reaper that is). Combine it with Reaper tech and you get instant death.