25 Incredible League of Legends Cosplays!

Cosplay can be a fun experience.
Then there are those incredible few who really take it up a notch or two and practically BECOME the characters! Here are a few League of Legends cosplayers that have crossed into that epic status!

25) Zyra by talyBb Cosplays  Photos by Jack Fluck Photography

24) Jayce by Jasper Sardonicus   Photo by Xen_Photography

Photo by Tsumik

23) Shyvanna by SwanselArt  Photos by Stephane You Photography

22) Aatrox by Prizmatec Cosplay

21) Diana by Calypsen Cosplay    Photos by Broken Image Graphic & Photography

20) Karma by Scarlatta    Photo edits by Sebastian Lanzara

19) Twisted Fate by blackconvoy   Photos by Eva

18) Jinx by Marie Evans   Photos by Eva

17) Star Guardian Lux by Misa TW Cosplayer  Photos by 佐楓 人像紀錄寫真

16) Ekko by Kadu=Out  Photos by Sonicjkevin

15) Morgana by Débora Fuzeti Cosplay

14)  Vladimir by Ragnaradi   Photos by photographer-eva

13) Sivir by Bonnies Cosplay  Photos by MH Photography

12) Yasuo by Elffi Cosplay  Photo by ReflexStudio

Photo by Fernando Brischetto – Photographes Sans Frontieres

11) Sweetheart Annie by Zekia  Photos by EShao Studio

10) Draven by Shinrajunkie  Photos by SF Design

9) Nami by 3+1=Kuro Photos by 愛微醺 三次元美學攝影 女性攝影師-李寶羚

8) Garen by Junkers Cosplay  Photos by Martin Wong

7) Frostblade Irelia by Rikka Blurhound  Photos by NaNeee? Photography

6) Lee Sin by Henchmen Props  Photo by JwaiDesign Photography

Photo by Cosplayers of Canada

5) Leona by ConJurer CJ  Photos by The Art of Mezame

4) Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao by Okageo  Photos by Tiffany Ho Productions

3) Soraka by RubeeAmadare  Photos by aKami777

2) Ezreal by Eriol Cosplays    Photos by JPA Fotografias


1) DJ Sona by Glory Lamothe     Photos by Photographes Sans Frontieres


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