Manga Recommendation: Onepunch Man


What happens when you can end every fight with a single punch? Saitama finds himself frustrated that he is no longer able to feel the adrenaline and thrill of a fight, making him question why he even wanted to be strong in the first place.


The manga is a revamped version of a web comic originally drawn by ONE. Having read both (I was only able to read up to a certain point in the original web comic) I was blown away at just how well the newer version captured the old web comic! Each character really does look simply like a better drawn version and the story is basically just “cleaned up” to improve the pacing for the reader. The series has also scored its own anime, coming out in October!


So why read this manga? This manga truly got me interested with its odd take on a super hero story and KEPT my interest. It really doesn’t take itself too seriously. I’m also not the kind of person who will typically find the main character to be a favorite but Onepuch Man has changed that for me. Saitama is hands-down my favorite character in the entire series, even heart-throbs Genos  & Speed of Sound Sonic can’t come close.


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