Fallout Lore at your finger tips!

One of my favorite channels on YouTube is ShoddyCast.
I love learning more about the lore of the games I am playing because it really helps me submerge myself into the world of the game. ShoddyCast has a lot of great lore series but one of their best and most successful series is The Storyteller: A Fallout Lore Series.

With the release of Fallout 4 right around the corner (November 10th, 2015 in case you’ve forgotten!) every fan is getting antsy! Replaying the previous Fallout games and burring yourself in the mobile app Fallout Shelter will only do so much.So why not brush up on your Fallout lore before the game comes out? It may be a nuclear wasteland out there but it’s still abundant in history!

Follow the Storyteller as he and his eyebot companion Edna travel the wasteland, sharing stories about the many things that have happened in the Fallout world. Tales such as that of a man with a tree growing from his head, of the twisted experiments run by the company Vault Tec, of the notorious Caesar’s Legion, and of course many tales of the legendary Vault Dweller. For anyone looking to expand their knowledge of the Fallout universe ShoddyCast certainly has you covered!  

Check out the series HERE!


Justicar Syndra with Ima Kritter Cosplay

There is a lot of rising talent in the cosplay world.
Ima Kritter has been breaking onto the cosplay scene with leaps and bounds! I had the wonderful opportunity to work with her to bring this awesome League of Legends photoshoot to life featuring her cosplay of the champion Syndra The Dark Sovereign, and just in time for Halloween! Check it out below.

See more form Ima Kritter Cosplay HERE!

Webtoon Recommendation: DICE

Title: DICE
By: Hyunseok Yun
Genre: Action, Fantasy

Dong Tae was always getting bullied by his classmates in school but the popular and handsome Tae Bin now sits next to him. One day Tae Bin invites Dong Tae to play a little game, one that can change everything about his life. Sounds too good to be true… but when you’re at rock bottom what have you got to lose?image002DICE2

Despite the title, you don’t need to be familiar with games that involve dice in order to enjoy the series. The art is fantastic, the story is interesting, and the updates are consistent. It takes your typical high school manga background and throws in a dash of Shonen action! This webtoon is currently being translated into many languages including French, Spanish, and Italian. For English readers the available translations are already on Season 2 so there is plenty to catch up on.

image004 (1)

So why should you read this webtoon? I stumbled across this gem one day, being nit-picky about anything new that crossed my path, I found myself pleasantly surprised. The story is simple yet intriguing enough to keep my attention. The art is crisp and beautifully colored. The protagonist has struggles that many can relate to which makes you want to cheer him on. The lead female is generally so sweet I think I developed cavities. Overall, I found the webtoon to be a refreshing treat among a clutter of mundane comics.

Read it here!

Goku gets a GoPro

Ever wonder what it’s like to see through the eyes of Goku from the Dragonball series? 
No? Well K&K Productions has answered that question anyway! Bulma sticks a GoPro camera on Goku’s head to test a dragon ball finding app she is creating on her phone. With fights and surprise visits it becomes quiet the entertaining video!

The video currently has well over 4,000,000 views on YouTube! You can really see just how much hard work went into this project and it certainly has paid off. I wish it was longer than just over 5 minutes because I can’t get enough of it!

You can check out the video yourself HERE!