Manga Recommendation: Re:Monster

Re:MonsterTitle: Re:Monster
By: Kanekiru Kogitsune (writer) & Kobayakawa Haruyoshi (artist)
Genre: Adventure, Action, Fantasy

What happens after death? In the case of Tomokui Kanata he has been reincarnated as a goblin named Rou. Unknown circumstances have allowed him to retain his memories of his past life as a human and even one of his special abilities as a former Esper, the ability to absorb the special powers of anything he eats. Now he is determined to live his new life to its fullest and nothing will get in his way!
unnamed (4)   unnamed (3)
The manga is actually based off a light novel, all of which are available to read here ( The light novel is much farther along than the manga so if you would like to spoil the series for yourself by all means, the choice is yours. But for those of you who like to just follow along at the pace that the manga is being churned out there are currently about 19 chapters available to date. Fair warning, there can be some very dark and adult related themes within the story.
image004So why should you read this manga? I admit, Re:Monster is certainly not for everyone. There are a lot of RPG elements in this series that might leave the inexperienced in the dust. Perhaps that is why I love this manga so much! I personally love RPG games, especially those of the fantasy variety and the fact that the art is very appealing is a plus. Also, this is the kind of manga that is very easy and light reading which is great for when you are looking to get away from serious or deep-thinking mangas without having to steer towards shojo-ish material. It’s a fun read.

Read it here!


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