Webtoon Recommendation: Duty after School

Title: Duty after School
By: Ilkwon Ha
Genre: Drama

When the world is suddenly in a war against unknown, slime-like, & possibly alien objects entrance exams would be the least of your concerns. Yet high school students all over Korea are being pressured into joining the arm reserves with the promise of accumulating ‘bonus points’ for their entrance exams if they join and participate. If they want to go to university they MUST participate. What is a student looking to further their education to do? Most is class 3-2 are eager to earn those bonus points. After all, it’s JUST the reserves… right?

This webtoon covers some dark themes and although the gore is kept on the lighter side those who are sensitive to seeing harm come to others may want to find something else to read.  This is a story about a war after all and teens are being thrown right into the center of it all. No need to worry about cliffhangers here! Duty after School has already reached its conclusion after 50 intense chapters so you can enjoy the entire thing in one sitting if you really want. Plus, it’s available to read in multiple languages including but not limited to English, Spanish, & Russian.

So why should you read this webtoon? Duty after School is a hard hitter. The story doesn’t forget that the characters are all teens who were suddenly thrust into the middle of a war without much motivation other than these so-called bonus points for their entrance exams. There are no superheroes here. There are no chosen ones, no special abilities, and certainly no favorites. All the students have is a gun, a few rounds, minimal training, and some luck. With a casualty rate that would fluster George RR Martin, this is a series that will keep you reading until the very end.

Interested in reading Duty after School for yourself? You can check it out HERE!


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