Power Ranger Makeover

There are tons of Sentai Rangers that come out of Japan but one of the most popular in the USA is of course the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!
Mexican artist Fernando Peniche recreated the Power Rangers in his own way with this impressive makeover! Be sure to give the rest of his gallery a look too!
 photo power_rangers_first_generation_by_fpeniche-d7487br.jpg

 photo 89fb226c5c3a059a1b9d386f3f4beded-d5r4zu3.jpg
 photo blue_ranger_by_fpeniche-d6j5lo4.jpg
 photo 86839227946202cf8c7b65969a6c8f7f-d6l09ob.jpg
 photo 71181add94655163cc9bd7121268bed3-d6nnoff.jpg
 photo black_ranger_color_by_fpeniche-d67nw9u.jpg
 photo green_ranger_color_by_fpeniche-d71dbhz.jpg
 photo 1cbf549a0e98a0f6394ba98cfd26fef3-d5oeu1o.jpg
 photo lord_zedd_color_by_fpeniche-d8kdstx.jpg
 photo 54aa0cdbf3c2d06ab9b4976f20482158-d9h0s36.jpg


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