Manga Recommendation: Again!!

again1Title: Again!!
By: Kubo Mitsurou
Genre: Comedy, Shonen, School Life, Romance

How would you like to relive your entire high school life from your first day as a freshman? Would you do anything different? Imamura went through high school without making a single friend thanks to his appearance and personality. He wonders what life would’ve been like had he done things differently, such as joining the school cheer squad when he was asked to join. He gets his chance after falling down a flight of stairs where he is suddenly thrown into the past back to his very first day of high school.


Whoa wait a second. What? A cheer squad? Surely I must mean cheerleading. Nope! In Japan schools originally had cheer squads, also known as Ouendan, which function much like western cheerleading. The difference being that an ouendan focus more on making a lot of noise using taiko drums, horns, shouting through mega phones, and even flag waving. Cheers are made with the idea that the audience will participate as well. If you’ve played Nintendo’s OSU! TATAKAE! OUENDAN! Series you’ve got a good idea of what to expect. If not, you are missing out!
So why should you read this manga? It’s a refreshing take on what is usually shoved into the faces of manga readers and is bursting with great art and a story that shows both the bright and dark sides of school life. So far, I’ve yet to be disappointed by this series!

Read it here!


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