Batman: The Gaslight Portraits

 photo john-gibson-mrjag-gaslight-sketchbook-1-12.jpg

Some projects come to life from unexpected places. 

John Gibson, who also goes by MrJAG, originally created this series of amazing Batman portraits for his son as a way to get himself back into drawing after working in 3D for years. Now we all get to enjoy these portrait pieces from what he calls the Gaslight Sketchbook. Each piece amazingly took only 1-2 hours while the entire set took merely 24 hours.  photo john-gibson-mrjag-gaslight-sketchbook-1-2.jpg
 photo john-gibson-mrjag-gaslight-sketchbook-3-4.jpg
 photo john-gibson-mrjag-gaslight-sketchbook-9-10.jpg
 photo john-gibson-mrjag-gaslight-sketchbook-5-6.jpg
 photo john-gibson-mrjag-gaslight-sketchbook-11-12.jpg
 photo john-gibson-mrjag-gaslight-sketchbook-7-8.jpg

Please check out more of his work HERE!


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