Webtoon Recommendation: Girls of the Wild’s

Title: Girls of the Wild’s
Genre:  Action

Wild’s High School is an all girl’s school that specializes in Mixed Martial Arts. But Wild’s High just started a co-ed policy in an effort to help the young, strong, competitive girls of Wild’s High become more ‘delicate’ and ‘innocent’ instead of the weapons they have become known for. The only problem is that there was only one male applicant, Jaegu Song. Being the only male in a school full of women wasn’t exactly a dream come true for Jaegu since he grew to fear women after being abandoned by his mother. Will Jaegu be able to overcome his fears and fit in or with the girls of the Wild’s eat him alive?

Why would a boy even apply to a school that was known to be an all-girl school in the first place? A full scholarship regardless of your grades is a pretty good deal. But is it worth it? Jaegu struggles with this idea as he attempts to balance his education, a job, and caring for his two younger siblings in their missing mother’s place. Life isn’t fair and no one knows this better than he.

So why should you read this webtoon? If you are looking for a webtoon that has pretty girls, action, and fan service then our search ends here! Girls of the Wild’s has all this and more! The webtoon is updated every Sunday in full color! With well over 200 chapters there is a lot of content that has yet to get dull. If a story focusing on strong beautiful women isn’t enough to hook you in then you also get to watch as Jaegu struggles through a lot of issues in the story that will keep you rooting for him; his fear of women, bullies, and even feeding and protecting his younger siblings. Jaegu truly starts to learn that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade and you get to be there to witness the entire thing all in one gorgeously drawn package!

Interested in reading Girls of the Wild’s for yourself? You can check it out HERE!


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