Trinity Asian Makeover

 photo tumblr_nqw778Ot0P1rtzymxo5_1280.jpg
Super Heros are immune to a lot of things.
Makeovers are certainly not included in that list though! Brittney Williams came up with these great Asian inspired versions of the Justice Trinity and their friends.

 photo tumblr_nqw778Ot0P1rtzymxo6_r1_1280.jpg
 photo tumblr_nqw778Ot0P1rtzymxo1_r2_1280.jpg
 photo tumblr_nqw778Ot0P1rtzymxo2_r6_1280.jpg

Brittney explains that her redesigned versions of the group is not meant to reflect the JLA: Shogun of Steel comic although the idea is similar, it’s meant to be more of a 19th century Japan world instead of a Feudal Japan era with more of a fantasy adventure feeling. If this were a real series I would certainly tune in!
 photo tumblr_nqw778Ot0P1rtzymxo3_r3_1280.jpg
 photo tumblr_nqw778Ot0P1rtzymxo4_r6_1280.jpg


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