Bending the Elements

Both Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra are easily some of my favorite animated series. 
So when I come across beautiful fanart of COURSE I have to share it! Plus, I REALLY liked the titles of each piece too. Ctreuse Lex, aka Ctreuse109, created this stunning set. Each one featuring the various benders bending an advanced form of their elements… and of course the rather incredible non-benders too!

 Be The Leaf photo tumblr_nj1ruoEIQL1qea7tao4_1280.jpg

Rocking Heavy Metal
 photo tumblr_nj1ruoEIQL1qea7tao2_1280.jpg

Blood Moon
 photo tumblr_nj1ruoEIQL1qea7tao3_1280.jpg

Ride The Lightning
 photo tumblr_nj1ruoEIQL1qea7tao1_1280.png

Demolition Squad
 photo demolition_squad_by_ctreuse109-d8h4zpy.png

 photo tumblr_nj1ruoEIQL1qea7tao5_1280.jpg


THE END is Near!

 photo THEEND00.png

This is THE END.
It all starts with you. Your end, in particular. After you meet your untimely demise the game begins.

The End is a web browser based game that is all about self discovery and helping people to make sense of some of life’s bigger philosophical questions. It encourages the debate of moral, philosophical, and practical issues all while being a fun multi-level platforming and strategy game.

 photo TheEnd02.png

You start off with a simple character creator before heading off on your adventure. The game is a simple platformer that has you utilizing the powers of light and shadow to solve puzzles and make it safely across the map. Simple enough, right?

 photo TheEnd00.png

The game will present you with various questions as you play and you must answer in order to proceed but you only have one key to unlock one door. The game is designed to really make the player stop and think and the more honest you are with your answers the more interesting the results!

 photo TheEnd04.png

Every question you answer will give you a place on the “Death Dial” which will show you where you place among famous thinkers and your facebook friends. You can read up on who you are most like and it even shows where your previous answers had you placed as you progress through the game.

 photo TheEnd03.png

To top it all off, there is a mini game included called “Death Cards”.This was one of my favorite parts of the game. Each side has a specific number of colored tiles with three numbers each. Simply place a tile down next to your opponent’s tile that has a larger number. The person with the larger number wins that tile. This will become increasingly challenging as you move on to higher and higher levels and various “powers” will be unlocked on the way that you (and your opponent) can use. Such “powers” as rotating your tile, adding more to a number to make it higher, and even breaking your opponent’s applied “power” are a few. The goal is to have the board covered with more of your own colored tiles than the opponents.

The End certainly isn’t your every day game. It’s a game with purpose; to enlighten, guide, and help people find themselves; but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable or interesting. If you would like to play it for yourself just CLICK HERE!

Game of Pin Ups!

Andrew Tarusov is at it again!
This time around with the lovely ladies from Game of Thrones. Not only are they deadly but total eye candy too. As always, be sure to check out more of his incredible work HERE!






















Manga Recomendation: Kasane

 photo image001.jpg
Title: Kasane
By: Matsuura Daruma
Genre: Supernatural, Psychological, Tragedy
Appearances are everything. Those who are born beautiful are treated differently than those who are not. Those with beauty often take it for granted that everything they desire is often right at their fingertips. Kasane is not one of those lucky enough to be born naturally beautiful, often hiding her face from the cold stares and hurtful comments of strangers. Her mother, a famous and gorgeous actress, gave her a stick of lipstick and told her that when life gets hard put on the lipstick, go up to what you desire, and kiss it. Kasane heeds this advice but only time will tell if her keepsake is a blessing or a curse.

This manga has a very unique plot line that I can truly say I haven’t seen anywhere else. You get to experience as Kasane struggles since childhood with not just her outward appearance but also the harsh treatment she receives because of it. Life isn’t fair and she has experienced the ugly side of people all her life to truly believe that appearances are the only thing that matters in the world. Kasane wants to be an actress and has studied hard to become one. She is has more talent than most in her world but she is reminded over and over that she is too hideous for that dream to go anywhere. Despite all and with the help of her mother’s keepsake she fights for this dream… but at what cost? Kasane learns that this gift has its limits but if her mother could overcome then she should as well.

So why should you read this manga? The story delves into a side of society people like to pretend does not exist. It explores the darker side of humanity and how often people are judged based solely on their appearance. Kasane’s raw talent for acting, for truly bringing a character to life, is often overlooked because she is viewed by others as ‘ugly’. She hears the words people whisper behind her back (and sometimes even to her face) and she fights daily to overcome it. The story is dark and emotional but keeps you rooting for Kasane as she struggles with not just her problems but her supposed solution as well. Plus, there is the mystery of her mother and her strange keepsake. Just how much has her mother hidden from her? There is so much more to learn as the series goes on.

Interested in reading Kasane yourself? Check it out here: