Webtoon Recommendation: Cheese in the Trap

Title: Cheese in the Trap
By: soonkki
Genre: Drama, Romance

College life can be rough and sometimes students take breaks for one reason or another. Seol Hong has returned to college after one such break but no matter how much hard work she puts in she can’t seem to get a full scholarship thanks to Jung Yu, the top student who always seems to get it instead. Her partial scholarship helps but it just isn’t enough for her to keep going without taking another break. Suddenly Jung Yu’s assignment goes missing and the full scholarship is all hers! Jung Yu has been hanging around her lately and she can’t help but feel like her luck has gone sour since then. Is it all just a coincidence or is Jung actually behind it?

I picked up this webtoon out of sheer curiosity one day. I was looking around for a story that focused on young adults as opposed to teens for a change and I was pleasantly surprised with this one. I found a lot of the situations Seol ‘Dog Fur’ Hong found herself reflected situations that I’ve experienced at some point of my life or another as well as some sticky situations that left me wondering what I would have done had I come across the same thing. Blind dates, jealous classmates, stalkers, and spiteful co-workers… with troubles like these you’d think homework would be the last thing on her mind.

So why should you read this manga? If you enjoy Asian drama series this webtoon is definitely going to be of interest to you. Cheese in the Trap has been so successful as a webtoon that there is even a drama adaptation of it! The English translation is already well into Season 2 and poor Seol is, as usual, stuck in the thick of it all. The characters are well written too; Seol is smart and cautious but naïve and not it that ditzy way people often like to portray naivety; Jung is also smart, clever, and a bit mysterious; Inho is brash and a more than a little eager to pick a fight. The list goes on and on yet none of the characters feel generic. When life gives you lemons…right?

Interested in reading this series yourself? Check it out HERE!


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