Uno as an anime?

Anime has a bunch of genres.
One of the most popular and profitable genres is the Game genre. The amount of toys you can produce from a Game genre anime is astounding! But what is the game already exists? What if it’s a game you may possibly already own and is more than likely collecting dust somewhere long forgotten? What if there was an anime about the card game Uno?

Artist emcee came up with this interesting idea back in mid 2015 and created this two part mini manga. Then JelloApocalypse steps up and creates a fun rendition of the comic as if it were an actual anime! This is probably as close as we are going to get to an  actual Uno anime so if this kind of thing floats your boat you’ll be sad to learn there isn’t any more of it.

I can only imagine that what I felt watching this video is how many others in Japan must have felt finding out for the first time about series like Hikaru no Go or Chihayafuru. To see a game you have either grown up with, played seriously, or even just heard about being portrayed in such an over dramatically manner is ridiculous yet highly entertaining.

In case you’ve missed my links above, you can watch the video here!
Or check out the two part mini manga here and here!


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