Is this too easy for you?

If you’re a fan of the Dark Souls series and haven’t heard of Happy Souls yet then you are in for a treat!
By now you should have played through Dark Souls 2 and moved on to Dark Souls 3. If not and you’re worried about spoilers… then I’m sorry but you’ve had MORE than enough time. Watching this and getting anything spoiled for you is your own fault at this point. 

Dark Souls 2: Bring a Buddy Edition, also known as Happy Souls was uploaded to both  Newgrounds (here) and YouTube (here) by creator Jameserton in May of 2016. With it’s basic animation and rather well done voice acting this short is sure to leave you with a few good laughs.

This short is fifteen and a half minutes long but is filled to the brim with awesome and awkward encounters in the Dark Souls world. Even if you have never played a Dark Souls game before you will not be disappointed!

You can watch it on YouTube HERE or on Newgrounds HERE!


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