Manga Recommendation: Majo no Shinzou

Title: Majo no Shinzou (aka Witch’s Heart)
By: Matoba
Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural

About: An immortal witch; a talking lantern; a heart; a miserable girl. What do they have in common? A tale that is 400 years old. The tale of the Heartless Boundary Witch is well known throughout the land. Sometimes the tale warns against staying out late at night while other times it warns against going to certain places. No matter how time has warped the story one thing remains constant: it is the story of a young immortal witch stuck on the boundary of life and death in search of a heart. Then there is Mika. Mika searches desperately for her sister with the hope that she will reunite her with what was stolen from her long ago.

Those of you who have read my previous recommendations (like Kasane and Plus Alpha no Tachiichi) already know that I have a soft spot for magical girl series and dark themes. Although I can’t quiet call anyone in this series a true magical girl since they don’t transform. They do, however, use magic. And of course no story of a magic wielding girl would be complete without some form of magical companion! Insert Lumiel- a rather gorgeous looking talking lantern with an origin that is both a bit funny and sad. What makes Lumiel different from other magical companions is that he teamed up with our magical heorine AFTER she already had her powers. For once, a magical companion who doesn’t have to explain the heroine’s powers at every turn!

So why should you read this manga? If you enjoy series like Puella Mahou Magica Madoka then this series is going to be high on your read list. Moe girls, magic, and dark themes are extremely prevalent in Witch’s Heart. The characters and the art style are also super adorable. I knew I was going to get hooked on this series in the first chapter when I got to see Mika do her thing…which I’ve purposely left out of these preview pictures because it would ruin the impact if you saw it out of context.

Interested in reading this series yourself? Check it out HERE!


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