Webtoon Recommendation: Super Secret

Title: Super Secret
By: eon
Genre: Romance, Super Natural

Emma is an ordinary girl with some not-so ordinary neighbors. She has no idea that not only does the boy next door have a huge crush on her but he is also a werewolf! She’s clumsy and a bit of an air-head but that doesn’t make the neighbors any less fond of her. It’s a strange neighborhood and its starting to look like everybody’s got a secret!

I’ll admit, the first thing that drew me to this webtoon was the extremely cute art style. What kept me hooked was the equally cute story! They story is still only a few chapters in (for the English translation) but it has easily become one of my favorites as of late. Artist eon has a subtle humor that fits the flow of the story well and I find it to be a lovely change of pace from the usual manga and webtoons that I read.

So why should you read this webtoon? Honestly, I was a little worried this was going to come across as similar to Twilight. I was pleasantly surprised that it was far from that! Super Secret is a great story if you’re looking for a fun light-hearted and cute series to get into. The characters are each quirky in their own ways without feeling awkward or forced. I’m excited to see where this webtoon leads up to!

Interested in reading this series yourself? Check it out HERE!


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