League of Legends is immensely popular.
With well over 100 characters (and the roster keeps growing!) everyone will is bound to have a favorite character or two. To mix things up (and I’m sure the micro transactions are a plus for Riot) you can even get skins for the characters too. Skins are basically an alternative look available for each character. But what happens when one character gets a skin with a theme you like but the others don’t?

Taiwanese artist LOIZA had a solution; to redesign the game characters with outfits that reflect the theme! This POPSTAR era charm project has been ongoing since 2014 and the results are breath taking. While LOIZA‘s project originally focused on the female characters of League of Legends he has recently expanded into gender bending the male characters as well. This is an artist and series you’ll want to be keeping track of!

Of course we’ll showcase the ladies first…

…a preview of his up coming Kindred…

…and now our gender bent males

You can find more of LOIZA’s work on both facebook and pixiv!


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