Manga Recommendation: Online: The Comic

Title: Online:The Comic
By: Keropyon and KYOKA Tsukasa
Genre: Drama, Horror, Psychological

About: For some people playing video games is their life. They just can’t live without playing video games. Twenty two year old Mai Yashiro is NOT this kind of person. One day a video game console containing the game Nightmare arrives in her mail. Now Mai is forced to play this game where she must bet the functioning of her limbs in each fight. Refusal means the death of your loved ones. Luckily the office she works in has created an entire division of dedicated players who work tirelessly to reach the end game and she is now a part of it. Will they be able to beat the game or are they all in over their heads?

This manga is based on a popular light novel (although no matter how hard I search I am unable to find a working link to it). Despite her lack of gaming knowledge Mai proves herself to be incredibly clever and an excellent strategist… which I imagine proves useful in a game that is essentially ‘git gud or die trying’!

So why should you read this manga? Of course this is not the first time a story about a video game that puts your life on the line has appeared but don’t let that put you off! The story is incredibly well written and the art flows well. You’ll find yourself attached to certain characters rather quickly. Plus, the art is seriously well done!

Interested in reading Online: The Comic yourself? Check it out HERE!


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