Webtoon Recommendation: Dead Days

Title: Dead Days
Genre: Thriller

It’s been four days since a mysterious virus outbreak infected the masses around the world. It spread suddenly and quickly leaving no time to prepare. 16 year old Jingook Yeo was one of the few lucky enough to avoid getting infected but now he’s stuck in his room with his infected mother trying to get to him through the door. With the world rapidly turning into zombies just how long will the survivors last?

With Halloween approaching fast I figured I’d give a recommendation more on the spoopy side this time! At first glance Dead Days comes across as your typical run of the mill zombie apocalypse story; Zombies suddenly rampage through the cities, nowhere is safe, the uninfected people left doing their best to survive against all odds. As you read you begin to notice a few things that start to make the series drift from your typical zombie stories, things I’d rather not point out so I don’t ruin the story for potential readers. The best part about it all? There is a lesson to be learned at the end and the author makes it a point to spell it out for those who missed it.

So why should you read this manga? Other than the obvious reason (zombies! Yay!) one of the things Dead Days did that really captured my interest was having characters with disabilities as survivors. Not all uninfected people were completely able-bodied and those with disabilities were not completely useless either. Even better yet, these characters with disabilities were not just characters you come across in passing. They all played vital roles in the story and to me that made all the difference in how Dead Days separated itself from your average zombie story. The icing on the cake is the fact that the art is absolutely breath taking! Everything is drawn and colored in such incredible detail that each individual panel could be considered an art piece on its own.

Interested in reading this series yourself? Check it out HERE!


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