Manga Recommendation: Yakushoku Distpiari

Title: Yakushoku Distpiari (aka Gesellschaft Blume)
By: SENGA Fumitaka & Tellmin
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, RPG

When your world is plagued by the births of powerful Demon Lords who will rise to stop them? The 23rd Demon Lord has just been revealed and there is only one class known to take it down, the Subjugators with their special skill. Follow Subjugator Truza as he gathers team mates to help him take out the new Demon Lord.

The world of this manga is heavily based with RPG (role-playing game) elements. People have not just special abilities and powers, but classes and levels too! Imagine if you actually had to grind experience points in real life to increase your levels or abilities? Considering my day job I’d probably be a mathematician by now if that were the case. Not much is set to explain why the world is this way so you are expected to just accept and roll with it… much like how the people living in that world do. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though since it gives you the chance to experience the world instead of just telling you what the world is like.

So why should you read this manga? This series is definitely not for everyone.  While the art is extremely appealing those of you who do not care for gore or dark/grim plot lines might want to steer clear of this one. Being a fan of dark and twisted plot lines myself I found fully enjoying the direction the story took. The character designs and classes are interesting as well even the ones that only show up briefly. In short, if action packed dark fantasy stories are your thing then you just might want to give this series a look!

Interested in reading this series yourself? Check it out HERE!


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