Webtoon Recommendation: Sidekicks

Title: Sidekicks
By: IRON Shin
Genre: Super Hero, Action

Sometimes people are born with incredible powers. Sometimes they want to use these powers to do good. However, before you can become a Hero you must first become a Sidekick. Lamia fights alongside the hero Darkslug as his sidekick. She has the power to make people fall asleep and thus is appropriately called Dream Girl. A sidekick must follow the orders of the hero for only their hero can approve promotion to the status of Hero. But the life of a sidekick is not easy, especially when you are the sidekick to a hero as questionable as Darkslug.

You don’t often see very many super hero stories from the point of view of the sidekick. Sidekicks makes it a point to show the reader just that; the life and adventures of a hero’s sidekick. Of course not everyone who discovers that they have super powers wants to become a hero. After all, where there are super heros there are bound to be super villains… and the only thing worse than a super villain is a super hero who acts like a super villain.

So why should you read this webtoon? Well the first and most obvious reason is because SUPER POWERS! Seeing the different kind of powers that the characters have and the creative ways they are used in both ‘saving the day’ and everyday life is always entertaining. Honestly, the story might not have been all that interesting to read if it had followed just ANY super hero and sidekick pair. The combination of Darkslug and Dream Girl is what really drives the plot forward and keeps you guessing at the motives of every character introduced.

Interested in reading this series yourself? Check it out HERE!


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