Chinese League Year

Chinese new year is approaching fast!
As we move into the year of the rooster one such way to celebrate is of course… playing video games! While those who play the popular League of Legends game will be graced with awesome Chinese New Year skins Artist LOIZA (who also created these awesome Pop Star Skins) has created a set of unofficial Chinese New Year skins!


In Times of Peace

It’s hard to remember that in between saving the world many of your favorite fantasy heros also have everyday lives.
In the Dragonball series, there are certainly moments of peace between the various number of baddies that pop up. Artist stupidoomdoodles gave us all an adorable SnapChat-style peek into the possible hum-drum life of Vegeta’s family when they AREN’T out saving the world or anyone else for that matter.

Ukiyo-E Heros

It’s always fun to see your favorite characters drawn in another artist’s style.
Disney characters drawn as anime characters, anime characters drawn as Simpson characters, Simpson characters drawn as Disney characters… the list goes on and on yet it never fails to fascinate! Illustrator Jed Henry and Woodblock Print-maker David Bull teamed up to create these gorgeous illustrations of popular pop culture characters from anime to video games in a style reminiscent of ancient Japanese prints! The results are stunning and you can even buy these prints and more for yourself HERE!