Korra’s Wedding Photos

The ending of The Legend of Korra can be interpreted in a few ways.
One of the most popular interpretations (and I believe is actually cannon) is that in the end Korra and Asami find love together. For some, this just isn’t enough! Artist ingvardtheterrible too matters into their own hands and created this cute set of wedding photos from a possible wedding of the two love birds!

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Dragon Hoarding~!

There are so many dragons!
So many dragons with so many hoards! IguanaMouth really knows how to keep this series interesting with the variety of hoards these dragons have. This set has a few NSFW dragon hoards too! Don’t forget to stop by IguanaMouth’s shop to grab a print for yourself of these awesome beauties!

Sailor Zodiacs

Sailor Moons popularity will likely never die.
Fans are able to create such a great variety of Sailor Scouts. Artist Drachea Rannak has actually brought to life Sailor Scouts inspired by the Zodiac signs! These are based on the winners of a design contest and are absolutely stunning! I’d love to see a show starring these lovely ladies.