Just the Heads

Are you tired of dragons yet?
Me either! In fact iguanamouth created a mini set of dragons that turned out somewhere between adorable and scary. Being stuck in a rut of wanting to draw dragons “but not the entire body” is exactly how these came to be! Inspiration comes from the strangest places…


League Women

There is no end to the talent of League of Legends fans.
New Zealand artist Frank Liu has an enchanting painting style that has many League fans begging for more!


Not all Pokemon evolve in the same way.
Some will evolve from gaining levels, some evolve by friendship, and some even evolve with special items. Tumblr artist butt-berry designed these amazing pieces featuring Pokemon and evolution stones!

Windows to the Soul

It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul.
If so, then some animated characters might have to worry about their soul escaping their bodies through their eyes! Artist thenamelessdoll saw this as a chance to practice her  “manipulation/anatomy skills” and the results are delightful!