Zodiac Inquisition

It’s a long wait for the next game in the Dragon Age series.
Fans may argue over which game they feel is the best but there is no denying that the incredible world of Thedas has captured their hearts. One such fan, the artist Molly (also known as Jakface), has created a rather impressive set of Dragon Age characters to corresponding Zodiac signs. Check them out below and be sure to see more from Molly HERE, HERE, and HERE!


More Pokemon Gijinka

With my affinity for gijinka you know I couldn’t help but feature Tamtamdi again!
For those of you who have somehow forgotten or are new to this blog Tamtamdi‘s incredible pokemon gijinka collection was featured here before. With a collection this good how could I not share more of my favorites! So here are another 25 of my favorites from the collection. Be sure to show Tamtamdi some love over HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE!

Disney Gets Inked

The Disney gals get a lot of love from people of various walks of life.
We’ve seen Disney gals portrayed in many ways before, from Jedis to Pin Ups to even being a part of the Warhammer 40K universe! Heck, we’ve even seen a few princesses sporting tattoos before, but these gorgeous pieces by artist Santana show off a few of the lovely disney ladies in the process of getting their ink done. No tears here! These disney gals know how to take their ink and show it off too. Don’t forget to check out more from Santana HERE!