Typewriters too?!

Typewriters are often viewed as out-of-date and old fashioned.
Back in the day there were some incredibly gorgeous looking styles of these magnificent word machines. Artist Cioccolato-Kun came up with some vintage typewriter gijinka because “why not?”. Sounds like a good enough reason to me! Don’t forget to check out more from Cioccolato-kun HERE, HERE, & HERE!


Royal Arms

Disney Princesses are often portrayed as many things by many artist.

Even the same theme drawn by various artist can turn out looking entirely different. Artist Sadyna from Finland created a set of warrior Disney Princesses that are just begging to be cosplayed! Check them out here and as always, show the artist some love HERE and HERE!

Personified Countries

Another Gijinka post? BUT OF COURSE!

I love seeing various things personified just as much as artist love personifying EVERYTHING! Russian artist Anastasia Bulgakova (aka sayaart) created these spectacular renditions of the various countries as people. Check them out here and be sure to go HERE for more of her work!












The Fifth Element Anime?!

There is no doubt about it, The Fifth Element was a fantastic film.

In fact, many a fan has been fooled by these convincing ‘screen caps’ of what looks to be an anime version of the film! Russian artist Dmitry Grozov (aka Ahriman) is the mastermind behind these fan art pieces. Ahriman frequently recreated parts of movies into fake anime scenes. The results truly make me wish an animated version of the movie were real. Check out more from Ahriman HERE!

Tarot Cards of the Ring

Tarot cards are certainly not for everyone.

However, most decks are certain to have some absolutely gorgeous art on them. Russian artist Sceith has designed these stunning tarot cards inspired by the Lord of the Rings series! Check them out below and don’t forget to visit HERE for more of their work!

Imperial Snapchat

Fan art can help bring a fictional world to life.

Pretend Snapchat stories are one of my favorite glimpses into fan-world-building for many series. Artist Marietta “Lai” Ivanova  made this absolutely fantastic series of a “Snapchat contest” going on among the Imperials to see who could get the closest picture of Darth Vader without dying. The results? To die for! Check out more of her art HERE!

Soda Gijinka

Gijinka, the art of personifying just about anything, always yields amusing results.

These gijinkas for sodas help drive that point home! The talented artist Rev created these cuties featuring drinks like Pepsi, Coke, and even Fanta! Check them out below and don’t forget to show the artist some love HERE!