Warcraft Time!

Both Adventure Time and The World of Warcraft has known incredible success.
Illustrator kudaman art has taken both popular series and created this entertaining mash up set. Check it out below and don’t forget to check out more work by kudaman art HERE, HERE, HEREHERE and HERE!


Popular Disney Animals as People

Disney has an amazing collection of great films and animations.
Many of these star talking animals. Artist Grumblr has taken these talking animals and re-imagined them as ethnically correct humans! I’d love to see these films re-done using these human versions!

One full year of awesome-sauce!

It’s been an entire year since this blog first made an appearance on the internet! I must say it has been quite an experience. I wanted to take the time to not just give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who follows, supports, or just plain visits my blog. And don’t forget to check out my facebook page! Here is a small run down of the kind of content my readers seem to enjoy the most!

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Genderbent FFVII: Cloud & Sephiroth
Steven (Pokemon) Universe!

Is this too easy for you?

If you’re a fan of the Dark Souls series and haven’t heard of Happy Souls yet then you are in for a treat!
By now you should have played through Dark Souls 2 and moved on to Dark Souls 3. If not and you’re worried about spoilers… then I’m sorry but you’ve had MORE than enough time. Watching this and getting anything spoiled for you is your own fault at this point. 

Dark Souls 2: Bring a Buddy Edition, also known as Happy Souls was uploaded to both  Newgrounds (here) and YouTube (here) by creator Jameserton in May of 2016. With it’s basic animation and rather well done voice acting this short is sure to leave you with a few good laughs.

This short is fifteen and a half minutes long but is filled to the brim with awesome and awkward encounters in the Dark Souls world. Even if you have never played a Dark Souls game before you will not be disappointed!

You can watch it on YouTube HERE or on Newgrounds HERE!

Steven (Pokemon)Universe!

Crossovers can be a beautiful thing.
This Steven Universe x Pokemon crossover certainly qualifies! Goobermation has created dozens and dozens of these awesome Pokemon trainer crossovers but this Steven Universe set truly steals the show! Opal will always be bae so of course she is my favorite. ^^

Bending the Elements

Both Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra are easily some of my favorite animated series. 
So when I come across beautiful fanart of COURSE I have to share it! Plus, I REALLY liked the titles of each piece too. Ctreuse Lex, aka Ctreuse109, created this stunning set. Each one featuring the various benders bending an advanced form of their elements… and of course the rather incredible non-benders too!

 Be The Leaf photo tumblr_nj1ruoEIQL1qea7tao4_1280.jpg

Rocking Heavy Metal
 photo tumblr_nj1ruoEIQL1qea7tao2_1280.jpg

Blood Moon
 photo tumblr_nj1ruoEIQL1qea7tao3_1280.jpg

Ride The Lightning
 photo tumblr_nj1ruoEIQL1qea7tao1_1280.png

Demolition Squad
 photo demolition_squad_by_ctreuse109-d8h4zpy.png

 photo tumblr_nj1ruoEIQL1qea7tao5_1280.jpg

Kungfu Cooking Girls

Kungfu Cooking Girls, made by the small but obviously talented animation studio WolfSmoke, is one of my favorite original animations. The story is simple: a young and hungry man walks into town looking for something delicious to eat. He ends up being caught in a literal food fight that would have Shokugeki No Soma fans wishing their chefs battled it out the way these women do!

Traditional Chinese food against westernized fast food! The question remains: who will win over the hungry customer? This animation made both look quiet tasty and the kungfu skills of each side are nothing to bat an eyelash at. With either side of this fight being as equally skilled as the other means this is a match that will not have an easy answer.

You can check out the entire video HERE!