Disney Benders

Some artists are just full of amazing ideas.
In fact, artist cartooncookie is back at it again with the mash-ups! This time featuring Disney characters in the world of Avatar: The Last Air Bender and The Legend of Korra. Check out this incredible set then head on over to cartooncookie‘s other pages to see more awesome artwork HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE!

Snow White and the Seven Earth Benders

Megara, Master of Throwing Daggers

Air Bender Pocahontas

Water Bender Ariel

Fire Bender Esmeralda

Swamp Bender Tiana

Jessica Rabbit as Asami Sato

Rapunzel of the Ancient Sun

Kiyoshi Warrior Muan

Princess Aurora of the Northern Water Tribe

Blood Bender Ursula

Earth Queen Yzma

Jafar, Head of the Dai Li

Fire Bender Jasmin

Earth Bender Kristoph

Water Bender Elsa

Fire Bender Anna

Water Bender Moana

Belle of the Mystical Library

Disney Order of the White Lotus

Earth Bender Cinderella

Freedom Fighter Merida

Water Bender Ariel with Prince Eric of the Water Tribe

Flynn Rider, Li Shang, and Kida = Team Fire Ferrets

Evil Queen Blood Bender

Fire Lord Malificent

Avatar Kida


Korra’s Wedding Photos

The ending of The Legend of Korra can be interpreted in a few ways.
One of the most popular interpretations (and I believe is actually cannon) is that in the end Korra and Asami find love together. For some, this just isn’t enough! Artist ingvardtheterrible too matters into their own hands and created this cute set of wedding photos from a possible wedding of the two love birds!

Click HERE for more by this artist!

Bending the Elements

Both Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra are easily some of my favorite animated series. 
So when I come across beautiful fanart of COURSE I have to share it! Plus, I REALLY liked the titles of each piece too. Ctreuse Lex, aka Ctreuse109, created this stunning set. Each one featuring the various benders bending an advanced form of their elements… and of course the rather incredible non-benders too!

 Be The Leaf photo tumblr_nj1ruoEIQL1qea7tao4_1280.jpg

Rocking Heavy Metal
 photo tumblr_nj1ruoEIQL1qea7tao2_1280.jpg

Blood Moon
 photo tumblr_nj1ruoEIQL1qea7tao3_1280.jpg

Ride The Lightning
 photo tumblr_nj1ruoEIQL1qea7tao1_1280.png

Demolition Squad
 photo demolition_squad_by_ctreuse109-d8h4zpy.png

 photo tumblr_nj1ruoEIQL1qea7tao5_1280.jpg