Felt Kitty Caves

Cats are adorable!
Most pet owners want the best for their pets and cat owners are no exception. What could be better for your fluffy-pouncer than a cute little hideaway? FeltField has the perfect kitty caves for your little fur baby.

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Candy Cats!

Talk about being too cute to eat!
These incredibly adorable kitty candies were made by the mother-daughter duo from Tokyo, Caroline & Laura. To see more of their delectable work follow THIS LINK!

Army of Wool

It can’t get much cuter than this!
Artist Kyoungwan Kim (aka Tahra Art) has created possibly the most adorable set cat characters ever. Accordingly named ‘Army of Wool’ these kitties are surly as tough as they are cute with jobs ranging from Assassin to Healer to Magician. With team mates like these adventuring has never been so adorable!


 photo dungeons-and-dragons-cats-07.jpg
Knight (American Short Hair)
Bard (Abyssinian)
Fighter (Sphynx)
Berserker (Maine coon)
Shaman (Norwegian Forest Cat)
Thief (Russian blue)
Assassin (Bombay)
Healer (Turkish Angora)
Magician (Siamese)
Mercenary (Ocicat)
Worrior (Scottish fold)