Pokemon have been depicted in various ways.
Yet this is the first time I’ve come across such an intriguing approach! Artist Monica Corzo (Monarobot) from Mexico has been creating beautiful Mayan-inspired art and her Pokemayan series is incredible. The amount of colors and details are stunning! To see more of Monarobot’s work just go HERE, HERE, and HERE!

Charmander, Charmeleon, & Charizard

Squirtle, Wartortle, & Blastoise

Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, & Venasaur


Cubone & Marrowak

Bellsprout, Weepinbell, & Victreebel


Pidgeotto & Pidgeot

Oddish, Gloom, & Vileplume


Pichu, Pikachu, & Raichu


Skulls of the Villains

Artist Travis Durden is back at it again with the surreal fan art!
This time, instead of Star Wars as Greek Statues the French artist has created this impressive set called “Skulls of the Villains” which features characters from Terminator to Dracula!







Tea Spirits are back!

Sometimes there is just too much to share in one post.
It can get overwhelming! These Tea Spirits by L.A. artist Heather Penn are just too good to not have more of them shared. Don’t forget, you can buy prints of these HERE if you are interested or see more of her art HEREHERE, and HERE!

Gold Peony White

Imperial Pearl


Gold Peony Twisted Leaf

Bed Time Blend 

Taiping Houkui

Osmanthus Black

Silk Oolong

“Understeeped” Oolong


Tea Spirit

Tea Spirit

Tea Spirit

Arya Pearl Darjeeling

Kirin-Ish with Pear


Mountain Grape Oolong

Lapsang Souchong

Rose Chai

Australian Pokemon

People have been creating their own kinds of Pokemon since the start of the sensation decades ago. 
While the recent Alolan Pokemon (based on the Hawaiian Islands) were certainly a breath of fresh air another place that would spawn an incredible set of Pokemon all of their own is of course Australia! Pixel artist Paul Robertson, best known for his work on the Scott Pilgrim game and his part in the popular series Gravity Falls, has taken the challenge to create a set of completely new Pokemon based entirely about Australia. These are based on not just animals, but also plants, food, places, and even sayings. Buckle your seat belts for this one, kiddos, for there are a whopping 151 to go through!

As always, to find more of Paul’s art, go HERE, and HERE!







Redditor Niboswald has also taken the opportunity to add some context to what the Pokemon are based on for those of you unfamiliar with all things Australian. You can check out those nifty details HERE, or even HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Tea Spirits

There’s just something about combining the things you enjoy that is so satisfying.
In fact, L.A. artist Heather Penn found popularity online by creating these visually stunning Tea Spirits, a combination of adorable animals and teas. You can actually buy prints of these HERE if you are interested or see more of her art HEREHERE, and HERE!

English Breakfast

Snow Jasmine


Strawberry Green






Kagoshima Sencha Yutaka Midori 

Dragon Phoenix Shan Lin Xi

Fragrant Leaf

Bai Mudan

Dragon Oolong

Earl Grey


Just the Heads

Are you tired of dragons yet?
Me either! In fact iguanamouth created a mini set of dragons that turned out somewhere between adorable and scary. Being stuck in a rut of wanting to draw dragons “but not the entire body” is exactly how these came to be! Inspiration comes from the strangest places…

Garden of Fantasy Flora

You can’t have a proper fantasy world without some fantastic fantasy flora to go with it!
From the chomping teeth of the Pirahna Plants in Mario to the thrashing branches of the Whomping Willow in Harry Potter, AvasFlowers will make sure you know what you are up against with their incredible infograph called The Garden of Flora. Included is an astonishing 80 entries complete with pictures and descriptions. Check it out below and heck, maybe you’ll find the perfect fantasy bouquet just in time for Valentines Day!