One full year of awesome-sauce!

It’s been an entire year since this blog first made an appearance on the internet! I must say it has been quite an experience. I wanted to take the time to not just give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who follows, supports, or just plain visits my blog. And don’t forget to check out my facebook page! Here is a small run down of the kind of content my readers seem to enjoy the most!

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Webtoon Recommendation: Newman

Title: Newman
By: Josh Ulrich
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Romance

The Creature Removal Department (CRD) employs profession monster hunters like Newman and Gwen. Newman, a sword-wielding gnome, and Gwen, a drow with a preference for archery, end up becoming more than monster slaying co-workers. Killing is easy compared to their complicated relationship!

Newman was everything I hoped for and more! When I first stumbled across this webtoon I was having scheduling trouble with my D&D group (because life happens, you know?) and this was a nice way to get my fix when no one could make it. Gwen and Newman’s relationship is far from typical yet they make it work, sometimes literally. From your typical relationship disagreements like what to wear to a party down to family traditions these two love birds somehow make it through. Although the focus of the webtoon is their relationship there is still plenty of action and monster slaughter to boot with a nice big dose of comedy as well.

So why should you read this manga? If Dungeons and Dragons interests you I think this webtoon just might be something worth looking into. Newman is set in a modern fantasy world that throws tons of recognizable creatures that any D&D player should recognize; Minotaurs, Orcs, Vampires, Dwarves and even Zombies to name a few. Throwing all of these fantasy-type creatures into a corporate modern world is both fun and refreshing to read.

Interested in reading this series yourself? Check it out HERE!

Army of Wool

It can’t get much cuter than this!
Artist Kyoungwan Kim (aka Tahra Art) has created possibly the most adorable set cat characters ever. Accordingly named ‘Army of Wool’ these kitties are surly as tough as they are cute with jobs ranging from Assassin to Healer to Magician. With team mates like these adventuring has never been so adorable!


 photo dungeons-and-dragons-cats-07.jpg
Knight (American Short Hair)
Bard (Abyssinian)
Fighter (Sphynx)
Berserker (Maine coon)
Shaman (Norwegian Forest Cat)
Thief (Russian blue)
Assassin (Bombay)
Healer (Turkish Angora)
Magician (Siamese)
Mercenary (Ocicat)
Worrior (Scottish fold)


Table Top Map Making Made Easy

Table top games can be a blast when played with the right people. 
Visual references are a big help too which makes it no wonder why miniatures and sculptures are a popular part of the table top scene. But what happens if you’re a Dungeon Master (DM) on a budget? What if you can’t afford to have a fancy landscape prepared for your adventurers? What if you lack the imagination to create a visually pleasing world for your travelers? Or what if you are simply pressed for time with no layout prepared and everyone is going to be meeting up in ten minutes?

Allow me to introduce you to your new table top map making best friend! Dave’s Mapper! This site allows you to generate various kinds of maps and layouts with EASE, such as caverns, dungeons, towns, cities, and even spaceships! Your maps can be traditional top view maps or you can change it up and have a sideways view or even create a cube map.

The way this creator works is by placing various squares uploaded to the site by a variety of artists. Each square is a piece of the map that will contain roads, rooms, or parts of landscape to help you design the layout of any particular area you want to create. You can make a map as small as 2 by 2 squares or as big as you like. I’ve tried seeing if the site could generate a 9999 by 9999 map for me but the site crashed so I’m assuming a ridiculous size such as that is just too much for the program but you get the idea, right?

The site is also compatible with mobile devices! So there is really no excuse to not check this awesome site out.