Pulp Fiction: The Android Saga

The Dragonball series has one of the longest lasting fandoms.
A benefit from such a long lasting fandom is that we get to see the awesome creations that come from it! Artist Ástor Alexander created a fake pulp series featuring the Android Saga from Dragonall Z.Check it out below and be sure to go HERE for more of his work!


In Times of Peace

It’s hard to remember that in between saving the world many of your favorite fantasy heros also have everyday lives.
In the Dragonball series, there are certainly moments of peace between the various number of baddies that pop up. Artist stupidoomdoodles gave us all an adorable SnapChat-style peek into the possible hum-drum life of Vegeta’s family when they AREN’T out saving the world or anyone else for that matter.

One full year of awesome-sauce!

It’s been an entire year since this blog first made an appearance on the internet! I must say it has been quite an experience. I wanted to take the time to not just give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who follows, supports, or just plain visits my blog. And don’t forget to check out my facebook page! Here is a small run down of the kind of content my readers seem to enjoy the most!

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Goku gets a GoPro

Ever wonder what it’s like to see through the eyes of Goku from the Dragonball series? 
No? Well K&K Productions has answered that question anyway! Bulma sticks a GoPro camera on Goku’s head to test a dragon ball finding app she is creating on her phone. With fights and surprise visits it becomes quiet the entertaining video!

The video currently has well over 4,000,000 views on YouTube! You can really see just how much hard work went into this project and it certainly has paid off. I wish it was longer than just over 5 minutes because I can’t get enough of it!

You can check out the video yourself HERE!