Just the Heads

Are you tired of dragons yet?
Me either! In fact iguanamouth created a mini set of dragons that turned out somewhere between adorable and scary. Being stuck in a rut of wanting to draw dragons “but not the entire body” is exactly how these came to be! Inspiration comes from the strangest places…


Dragon Hoarding~!

There are so many dragons!
So many dragons with so many hoards! IguanaMouth really knows how to keep this series interesting with the variety of hoards these dragons have. This set has a few NSFW dragon hoards too! Don’t forget to stop by IguanaMouth’s shop to grab a print for yourself of these awesome beauties!

One full year of awesome-sauce!

It’s been an entire year since this blog first made an appearance on the internet! I must say it has been quite an experience. I wanted to take the time to not just give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who follows, supports, or just plain visits my blog. And don’t forget to check out my facebook page! Here is a small run down of the kind of content my readers seem to enjoy the most!

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Mineral Dragons

Dragons have always been beings of power and wonder.
Artist pythosblaze took it a step further and created this gorgeous series of mineral-themed dragon portraits. Each dragon embodies the mineral-theme perfectly! My favorite is the Aquamarine Dragon.