Strong Girls of the Universe

I love the Steven Universe series. 
Steven Universe does a great job not only showing off gorgeous ladies of various body types but also displaying that being strong is nothing to be ashamed of either. Some of my favorite fan art from the series is drawn by artist 666pidgeon and does an incredible job showing off the gem ladies in all their beauty AND strength. Below are a few of my favorites. You can find more from 666pidgeon HERE and HERE!


Final Nintendo X2

The Nintendo gals haven’t been getting enough love on this blog.
It’s time to remedy that! US artist skirtzzz was commissioned to create this set of art featuring a few of the ladies of Nintendo: Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina! Each lovely lady is sporting three different outfits based on the classes in Final Fantasy X2. CHeck them out below and be sure to see more of skirtzzz art HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE!




Mermaid Eevees

Mermaids have made a huge jump back into popularity.
Everything has a mermaid form these days and you can bet Pokemon are included as well (and I’m not complaining!). In fact, artist SunsetDragon has this adorable set of Eevee evolutions in mermaid form! Check them out below and then see more work by this artist HERE and HERE!










Fashionable Senshi

Sailor Moon was one of the first shows I fell in love with as a little girl.
Honestly, I’m pleasantly surprised that love for the series is still around. Why? Because artists like Rachel Ho create lovely sets of fan art like this! These sailor scouts are looking fashionable and fantastic! You can find more of Rachel’s art HERE, HERE, and HERE!

Horror Princesses

There is a lot of Disney Princess inspired art out there. 
I mean A LOT, from shoes to benders you can bet there is some form of reimaged Disney princess art of it. As much as we love those, artist Kate Maxwell had another idea! To take the stars of horror movies and give them the magical Disney princess treatment! The results? FANTASTIC! Check them out below and be sure to see more of Kate’s work HERE!

Princess Pinhead (Hellraiser)

Princess Predator (Predator)

Princess Pennywise (It)

Princess Lo Pan (Big Trouble in Little China)

Princess Leather Face (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

Princess Freddie Kruger (Nightmare on Elm Street)

Princess Carrie (Carrie)

Princess Samara (The Ring)

Princess Regan (The Exorcist)

Sailor Witches

Sailor Moon has been around for decades and you better believe that the fandom is still going strong! Artist Lana Jay even created this adorable Sailor Moon set of fan art depicting the popular magical girls as mondern day witches. Check it out below and be sure to check out more of her art work HERE!

Zodiac Inquisition

It’s a long wait for the next game in the Dragon Age series.
Fans may argue over which game they feel is the best but there is no denying that the incredible world of Thedas has captured their hearts. One such fan, the artist Molly (also known as Jakface), has created a rather impressive set of Dragon Age characters to corresponding Zodiac signs. Check them out below and be sure to see more from Molly HERE, HERE, and HERE!

More Pokemon Gijinka

With my affinity for gijinka you know I couldn’t help but feature Tamtamdi again!
For those of you who have somehow forgotten or are new to this blog Tamtamdi‘s incredible pokemon gijinka collection was featured here before. With a collection this good how could I not share more of my favorites! So here are another 25 of my favorites from the collection. Be sure to show Tamtamdi some love over HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE!