Sailor Witches

Sailor Moon has been around for decades and you better believe that the fandom is still going strong! Artist Lana Jay even created this adorable Sailor Moon set of fan art depicting the popular magical girls as mondern day witches. Check it out below and be sure to check out more of her art work HERE!


Victoria’s Secret Disney Princesses

Take a love for Disney Princesses and mix that with a nice dose of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! 
That is exactly the result that came from the mind of Fashion Illustrator Guillermo Meraz! Check out the looks these Disney Princesses would be rocking down the catwalk.

Snow White













Make sure to check out more by him HERE and HERE!

Chinese League Year

Chinese new year is approaching fast!
As we move into the year of the rooster one such way to celebrate is of course… playing video games! While those who play the popular League of Legends game will be graced with awesome Chinese New Year skins Artist LOIZA (who also created these awesome Pop Star Skins) has created a set of unofficial Chinese New Year skins!

DnD Eevee-lutions

Pokemon meets Dungeons and Dragons in this epic crossover!
Artist and Cosplayer SunsetDragon created these beautifully designed DnD class costumes inspired by the various evolutions of the pokemon Eevee.Free for cosplay use, all she asks is that you submit a photo of yourself in costume to her and link to her page. My favorite is the Umbreon Theif!

Eevee Monk
Flareon Barbarian
Vaporeon Mage
Jolteon Paladin
Leafeon Ranger
Glaceon Wizard
Espeon Cleric
Umbreon Theif
Sylveon Bard

Keyblade Princesses

Kingdom Hearts has a huge fan base.
With such a huge cast of characters it’s easy to see why! However, the Disney Princesses often get overshadowed by other characters that receive far more ‘screen time’.Fear not! Art by Stan has created this breath-taking series of Disney Princesses as keybladers. These concepts will make you wish you could actually play them in the games!

Keyblade Princess Aurora


Keyblade Princess Snow White


Keyblade Princess Belle
Keyblade Princess Cinderella
Keyblade Princess Jasmine
Keyblade Princess Pocahontas
Keyblade Princess Mulan
Keyblade Princesses Ariel
Keyblade Princess Tiana
Keyblade Princess Merida
Keyblade Princess Rapunzel
Keyblade Princess Anna
Keyblade Queen Elsa

Feudal Moon

Imagining anime characters in different eras is nothing new.
But that doesn’t make them any less interesting or creative! Artist Renareve has created these amazing designs of the inner senshi warriors as if they lived in feudal Japan and they fantastic! Be sure to check out more incredible work from Renareve on both facebook and tumblr!