Imperial Snapchat – Round 2!

It’s time for more fake snapchat stories!

Talented artist Marietta “Lai” Ivanova has created another hilarious set of Snapchat stories from those dare-devil Imperials. Snapchat contest #2 seems to feature creative ways of destroying the rebels. With Darth Vader no longer the focus, maybe more will survive this time? Check out more of her work HERE!


Imperial Snapchat

Fan art can help bring a fictional world to life.

Pretend Snapchat stories are one of my favorite glimpses into fan-world-building for many series. Artist Marietta “Lai” Ivanova  made this absolutely fantastic series of a “Snapchat contest” going on among the Imperials to see who could get the closest picture of Darth Vader without dying. The results? To die for! Check out more of her art HERE!

Horror Princesses

There is a lot of Disney Princess inspired art out there. 
I mean A LOT, from shoes to benders you can bet there is some form of reimaged Disney princess art of it. As much as we love those, artist Kate Maxwell had another idea! To take the stars of horror movies and give them the magical Disney princess treatment! The results? FANTASTIC! Check them out below and be sure to see more of Kate’s work HERE!

Princess Pinhead (Hellraiser)

Princess Predator (Predator)

Princess Pennywise (It)

Princess Lo Pan (Big Trouble in Little China)

Princess Leather Face (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

Princess Freddie Kruger (Nightmare on Elm Street)

Princess Carrie (Carrie)

Princess Samara (The Ring)

Princess Regan (The Exorcist)

Anime Makeover for SpongeBob

A common past time for bored artists is to give characters makeovers.
Chinese artist XiaozuoZ did just that with characters from the popular cartoon SpongeBob and the results are more beautiful than you’d think! You can find more of XiaozuoZ’s art HERE and HERE!

SpongeBob Squarepants

Patrick Star


Squidward Tentacles

Sandy Cheeks



Pearl Krabs

Larry the Lobster


Garden of Fantasy Flora

You can’t have a proper fantasy world without some fantastic fantasy flora to go with it!
From the chomping teeth of the Pirahna Plants in Mario to the thrashing branches of the Whomping Willow in Harry Potter, AvasFlowers will make sure you know what you are up against with their incredible infograph called The Garden of Flora. Included is an astonishing 80 entries complete with pictures and descriptions. Check it out below and heck, maybe you’ll find the perfect fantasy bouquet just in time for Valentines Day!

In Times of Peace

It’s hard to remember that in between saving the world many of your favorite fantasy heros also have everyday lives.
In the Dragonball series, there are certainly moments of peace between the various number of baddies that pop up. Artist stupidoomdoodles gave us all an adorable SnapChat-style peek into the possible hum-drum life of Vegeta’s family when they AREN’T out saving the world or anyone else for that matter.

Ukiyo-E Heros

It’s always fun to see your favorite characters drawn in another artist’s style.
Disney characters drawn as anime characters, anime characters drawn as Simpson characters, Simpson characters drawn as Disney characters… the list goes on and on yet it never fails to fascinate! Illustrator Jed Henry and Woodblock Print-maker David Bull teamed up to create these gorgeous illustrations of popular pop culture characters from anime to video games in a style reminiscent of ancient Japanese prints! The results are stunning and you can even buy these prints and more for yourself HERE!