Sailor Keybladers

Kingdom Hearts has become a beloved series.
It’s mash up of Disney and Square Enix characters was odd but ended up working rather well together. But what if we threw something else into the mix? How about Sailor Scouts! Artist Nijuuni has your answer with this adorable set of Sailor Scout Keybladers!

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Keyblade Princesses

Kingdom Hearts has a huge fan base.
With such a huge cast of characters it’s easy to see why! However, the Disney Princesses often get overshadowed by other characters that receive far more ‘screen time’.Fear not! Art by Stan has created this breath-taking series of Disney Princesses as keybladers. These concepts will make you wish you could actually play them in the games!

Keyblade Princess Aurora


Keyblade Princess Snow White


Keyblade Princess Belle
Keyblade Princess Cinderella
Keyblade Princess Jasmine
Keyblade Princess Pocahontas
Keyblade Princess Mulan
Keyblade Princesses Ariel
Keyblade Princess Tiana
Keyblade Princess Merida
Keyblade Princess Rapunzel
Keyblade Princess Anna
Keyblade Queen Elsa