Hello~ Mr. Kit Kat!

Everything can have a human form!
Personifying things is a fun and creative past time for many artist. Pokemon, video game systems, and now even Kit Kat bars! Artist Cioccolatodorima aka ROSEL-D has created this impressive set of personified Kit Kat bars called “Mr. Kit Kat”. Although I’m personally a huge fan of the actual sake and wasabi flavors those personified Dark, Mint, and Matcha Mr. Kit Kats are looking pretty delicious too!

Kit Kat Original

Kit Kat White

Kit Kat Dark

Kit Kat Orange

Kit Kat Pumpkin Pudding

Kit Kat Cheesecake

Kit Kat Blueberry Cheesecake

Kit Kat Strawberry Cheesecake

Kit Kat Wasabi

Kit Kat Strawberry

Kit Kat Mint

Kit Kat Cookies and Cream

Kit Kat Sake

Kit Kat Matcha

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In Times of Peace

It’s hard to remember that in between saving the world many of your favorite fantasy heros also have everyday lives.
In the Dragonball series, there are certainly moments of peace between the various number of baddies that pop up. Artist stupidoomdoodles gave us all an adorable SnapChat-style peek into the possible hum-drum life of Vegeta’s family when they AREN’T out saving the world or anyone else for that matter.

Sailor Keybladers

Kingdom Hearts has become a beloved series.
It’s mash up of Disney and Square Enix characters was odd but ended up working rather well together. But what if we threw something else into the mix? How about Sailor Scouts! Artist Nijuuni has your answer with this adorable set of Sailor Scout Keybladers!

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Zoids Pokemon

Everyone knows Japan loves their Pokemon
What some people may not know is how much love Zoids get in Japan too. In fact, Japanese artist 太斗 even created an entire series of Pokemon inspired Zoids. Even if you are unfamiliar with Pokemon or Zoids these creations are still truly impressive!

Manga Recommendation: Online: The Comic

Title: Online:The Comic
By: Keropyon and KYOKA Tsukasa
Genre: Drama, Horror, Psychological

About: For some people playing video games is their life. They just can’t live without playing video games. Twenty two year old Mai Yashiro is NOT this kind of person. One day a video game console containing the game Nightmare arrives in her mail. Now Mai is forced to play this game where she must bet the functioning of her limbs in each fight. Refusal means the death of your loved ones. Luckily the office she works in has created an entire division of dedicated players who work tirelessly to reach the end game and she is now a part of it. Will they be able to beat the game or are they all in over their heads?

This manga is based on a popular light novel (although no matter how hard I search I am unable to find a working link to it). Despite her lack of gaming knowledge Mai proves herself to be incredibly clever and an excellent strategist… which I imagine proves useful in a game that is essentially ‘git gud or die trying’!

So why should you read this manga? Of course this is not the first time a story about a video game that puts your life on the line has appeared but don’t let that put you off! The story is incredibly well written and the art flows well. You’ll find yourself attached to certain characters rather quickly. Plus, the art is seriously well done!

Interested in reading Online: The Comic yourself? Check it out HERE!

DnD Eevee-lutions

Pokemon meets Dungeons and Dragons in this epic crossover!
Artist and Cosplayer SunsetDragon created these beautifully designed DnD class costumes inspired by the various evolutions of the pokemon Eevee.Free for cosplay use, all she asks is that you submit a photo of yourself in costume to her and link to her page. My favorite is the Umbreon Theif!


Eevee Monk
Flareon Barbarian
Vaporeon Mage
Jolteon Paladin
Leafeon Ranger
Glaceon Wizard
Espeon Cleric
Umbreon Theif
Sylveon Bard

Pokemon in Traditional Japanese Art

Japanese culture is filled with lots of wonderful hidden gems.
From food to art you are bound to find something wonderful! Artist Shimanoko created these amazing Pokemon pieces in the style of traditional Japanese art and they are all simply breathtaking. Take a look for yourself!






















Marowak VS Pikachu

Ghastly, Haunter, & Gengar

Feudal Moon

Imagining anime characters in different eras is nothing new.
But that doesn’t make them any less interesting or creative! Artist Renareve has created these amazing designs of the inner senshi warriors as if they lived in feudal Japan and they fantastic! Be sure to check out more incredible work from Renareve on both facebook and tumblr!

Manga Recommendation: Majo no Shinzou

Title: Majo no Shinzou (aka Witch’s Heart)
By: Matoba
Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural

About: An immortal witch; a talking lantern; a heart; a miserable girl. What do they have in common? A tale that is 400 years old. The tale of the Heartless Boundary Witch is well known throughout the land. Sometimes the tale warns against staying out late at night while other times it warns against going to certain places. No matter how time has warped the story one thing remains constant: it is the story of a young immortal witch stuck on the boundary of life and death in search of a heart. Then there is Mika. Mika searches desperately for her sister with the hope that she will reunite her with what was stolen from her long ago.

Those of you who have read my previous recommendations (like Kasane and Plus Alpha no Tachiichi) already know that I have a soft spot for magical girl series and dark themes. Although I can’t quiet call anyone in this series a true magical girl since they don’t transform. They do, however, use magic. And of course no story of a magic wielding girl would be complete without some form of magical companion! Insert Lumiel- a rather gorgeous looking talking lantern with an origin that is both a bit funny and sad. What makes Lumiel different from other magical companions is that he teamed up with our magical heorine AFTER she already had her powers. For once, a magical companion who doesn’t have to explain the heroine’s powers at every turn!

So why should you read this manga? If you enjoy series like Puella Mahou Magica Madoka then this series is going to be high on your read list. Moe girls, magic, and dark themes are extremely prevalent in Witch’s Heart. The characters and the art style are also super adorable. I knew I was going to get hooked on this series in the first chapter when I got to see Mika do her thing…which I’ve purposely left out of these preview pictures because it would ruin the impact if you saw it out of context.

Interested in reading this series yourself? Check it out HERE!