Super Pin Ups

Pin Ups can be hard to get right.
You can bet that artist Carla Wyzgala of Carlations has perfected them! In fact, she’s been featured here before for her gorgeous Disney Pin Ups! Now she’s back with this sexy set of Super Pin Ups featuring ladies from both DC and Marvel, heros and villians alike. Check them out below and don’t forget to see (and even buy) more of her work HERE, HERE, and HERE!


Marvel/Disney Princesses

Disney Princesses are a fan favorite for mash-ups.
Artist cartooncookie did an excellent job creating this mash-up: Marvel x Disney Princesses!  You can find even more work by cartooncookie HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE!

Elsa as Emma Frost

Anna as Thor

Megara as Black Widow

Merida as Kate Bishop Hawkeye

Esmeralda as Scarlet Witch

Cinderella as Mockingbird

Belle as She Hulk

Ariel as Phoenix

Tiana as Storm

Pocahontas as X23

Jasmin as Elektra

Snow White as Wasp

Aurora as Captain Marvel

Rapunzel as Spider Gwen

#Lighten Up

Racism comes in many forms and the fight to end it seems never ending. Marvel comic cartoonist Ronald Wimberly created a beautifully drawn and written comic about the subtle racism in shifting skin tones behind a marvel comic. You can see the first few pages below.

Be sure to check out the full comic here!