Webtoon Recommendation: Sidekicks

Title: Sidekicks
By: IRON Shin
Genre: Super Hero, Action

Sometimes people are born with incredible powers. Sometimes they want to use these powers to do good. However, before you can become a Hero you must first become a Sidekick. Lamia fights alongside the hero Darkslug as his sidekick. She has the power to make people fall asleep and thus is appropriately called Dream Girl. A sidekick must follow the orders of the hero for only their hero can approve promotion to the status of Hero. But the life of a sidekick is not easy, especially when you are the sidekick to a hero as questionable as Darkslug.

You don’t often see very many super hero stories from the point of view of the sidekick. Sidekicks makes it a point to show the reader just that; the life and adventures of a hero’s sidekick. Of course not everyone who discovers that they have super powers wants to become a hero. After all, where there are super heros there are bound to be super villains… and the only thing worse than a super villain is a super hero who acts like a super villain.

So why should you read this webtoon? Well the first and most obvious reason is because SUPER POWERS! Seeing the different kind of powers that the characters have and the creative ways they are used in both ‘saving the day’ and everyday life is always entertaining. Honestly, the story might not have been all that interesting to read if it had followed just ANY super hero and sidekick pair. The combination of Darkslug and Dream Girl is what really drives the plot forward and keeps you guessing at the motives of every character introduced.

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Manga Recommendation: Yakushoku Distpiari

Title: Yakushoku Distpiari (aka Gesellschaft Blume)
By: SENGA Fumitaka & Tellmin
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, RPG

When your world is plagued by the births of powerful Demon Lords who will rise to stop them? The 23rd Demon Lord has just been revealed and there is only one class known to take it down, the Subjugators with their special skill. Follow Subjugator Truza as he gathers team mates to help him take out the new Demon Lord.

The world of this manga is heavily based with RPG (role-playing game) elements. People have not just special abilities and powers, but classes and levels too! Imagine if you actually had to grind experience points in real life to increase your levels or abilities? Considering my day job I’d probably be a mathematician by now if that were the case. Not much is set to explain why the world is this way so you are expected to just accept and roll with it… much like how the people living in that world do. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though since it gives you the chance to experience the world instead of just telling you what the world is like.

So why should you read this manga? This series is definitely not for everyone.  While the art is extremely appealing those of you who do not care for gore or dark/grim plot lines might want to steer clear of this one. Being a fan of dark and twisted plot lines myself I found fully enjoying the direction the story took. The character designs and classes are interesting as well even the ones that only show up briefly. In short, if action packed dark fantasy stories are your thing then you just might want to give this series a look!

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Webtoon Recommendation: Dead Days

Title: Dead Days
Genre: Thriller

It’s been four days since a mysterious virus outbreak infected the masses around the world. It spread suddenly and quickly leaving no time to prepare. 16 year old Jingook Yeo was one of the few lucky enough to avoid getting infected but now he’s stuck in his room with his infected mother trying to get to him through the door. With the world rapidly turning into zombies just how long will the survivors last?

With Halloween approaching fast I figured I’d give a recommendation more on the spoopy side this time! At first glance Dead Days comes across as your typical run of the mill zombie apocalypse story; Zombies suddenly rampage through the cities, nowhere is safe, the uninfected people left doing their best to survive against all odds. As you read you begin to notice a few things that start to make the series drift from your typical zombie stories, things I’d rather not point out so I don’t ruin the story for potential readers. The best part about it all? There is a lesson to be learned at the end and the author makes it a point to spell it out for those who missed it.

So why should you read this manga? Other than the obvious reason (zombies! Yay!) one of the things Dead Days did that really captured my interest was having characters with disabilities as survivors. Not all uninfected people were completely able-bodied and those with disabilities were not completely useless either. Even better yet, these characters with disabilities were not just characters you come across in passing. They all played vital roles in the story and to me that made all the difference in how Dead Days separated itself from your average zombie story. The icing on the cake is the fact that the art is absolutely breath taking! Everything is drawn and colored in such incredible detail that each individual panel could be considered an art piece on its own.

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Manga Recommendation: Online: The Comic

Title: Online:The Comic
By: Keropyon and KYOKA Tsukasa
Genre: Drama, Horror, Psychological

About: For some people playing video games is their life. They just can’t live without playing video games. Twenty two year old Mai Yashiro is NOT this kind of person. One day a video game console containing the game Nightmare arrives in her mail. Now Mai is forced to play this game where she must bet the functioning of her limbs in each fight. Refusal means the death of your loved ones. Luckily the office she works in has created an entire division of dedicated players who work tirelessly to reach the end game and she is now a part of it. Will they be able to beat the game or are they all in over their heads?

This manga is based on a popular light novel (although no matter how hard I search I am unable to find a working link to it). Despite her lack of gaming knowledge Mai proves herself to be incredibly clever and an excellent strategist… which I imagine proves useful in a game that is essentially ‘git gud or die trying’!

So why should you read this manga? Of course this is not the first time a story about a video game that puts your life on the line has appeared but don’t let that put you off! The story is incredibly well written and the art flows well. You’ll find yourself attached to certain characters rather quickly. Plus, the art is seriously well done!

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Webtoon Recommendation: Super Secret

Title: Super Secret
By: eon
Genre: Romance, Super Natural

Emma is an ordinary girl with some not-so ordinary neighbors. She has no idea that not only does the boy next door have a huge crush on her but he is also a werewolf! She’s clumsy and a bit of an air-head but that doesn’t make the neighbors any less fond of her. It’s a strange neighborhood and its starting to look like everybody’s got a secret!

I’ll admit, the first thing that drew me to this webtoon was the extremely cute art style. What kept me hooked was the equally cute story! They story is still only a few chapters in (for the English translation) but it has easily become one of my favorites as of late. Artist eon has a subtle humor that fits the flow of the story well and I find it to be a lovely change of pace from the usual manga and webtoons that I read.

So why should you read this webtoon? Honestly, I was a little worried this was going to come across as similar to Twilight. I was pleasantly surprised that it was far from that! Super Secret is a great story if you’re looking for a fun light-hearted and cute series to get into. The characters are each quirky in their own ways without feeling awkward or forced. I’m excited to see where this webtoon leads up to!

Interested in reading this series yourself? Check it out HERE!

Manga Recommendation: Majo no Shinzou

Title: Majo no Shinzou (aka Witch’s Heart)
By: Matoba
Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural

About: An immortal witch; a talking lantern; a heart; a miserable girl. What do they have in common? A tale that is 400 years old. The tale of the Heartless Boundary Witch is well known throughout the land. Sometimes the tale warns against staying out late at night while other times it warns against going to certain places. No matter how time has warped the story one thing remains constant: it is the story of a young immortal witch stuck on the boundary of life and death in search of a heart. Then there is Mika. Mika searches desperately for her sister with the hope that she will reunite her with what was stolen from her long ago.

Those of you who have read my previous recommendations (like Kasane and Plus Alpha no Tachiichi) already know that I have a soft spot for magical girl series and dark themes. Although I can’t quiet call anyone in this series a true magical girl since they don’t transform. They do, however, use magic. And of course no story of a magic wielding girl would be complete without some form of magical companion! Insert Lumiel- a rather gorgeous looking talking lantern with an origin that is both a bit funny and sad. What makes Lumiel different from other magical companions is that he teamed up with our magical heorine AFTER she already had her powers. For once, a magical companion who doesn’t have to explain the heroine’s powers at every turn!

So why should you read this manga? If you enjoy series like Puella Mahou Magica Madoka then this series is going to be high on your read list. Moe girls, magic, and dark themes are extremely prevalent in Witch’s Heart. The characters and the art style are also super adorable. I knew I was going to get hooked on this series in the first chapter when I got to see Mika do her thing…which I’ve purposely left out of these preview pictures because it would ruin the impact if you saw it out of context.

Interested in reading this series yourself? Check it out HERE!

Webtoon Recommendation: Newman

Title: Newman
By: Josh Ulrich
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Romance

The Creature Removal Department (CRD) employs profession monster hunters like Newman and Gwen. Newman, a sword-wielding gnome, and Gwen, a drow with a preference for archery, end up becoming more than monster slaying co-workers. Killing is easy compared to their complicated relationship!

Newman was everything I hoped for and more! When I first stumbled across this webtoon I was having scheduling trouble with my D&D group (because life happens, you know?) and this was a nice way to get my fix when no one could make it. Gwen and Newman’s relationship is far from typical yet they make it work, sometimes literally. From your typical relationship disagreements like what to wear to a party down to family traditions these two love birds somehow make it through. Although the focus of the webtoon is their relationship there is still plenty of action and monster slaughter to boot with a nice big dose of comedy as well.

So why should you read this manga? If Dungeons and Dragons interests you I think this webtoon just might be something worth looking into. Newman is set in a modern fantasy world that throws tons of recognizable creatures that any D&D player should recognize; Minotaurs, Orcs, Vampires, Dwarves and even Zombies to name a few. Throwing all of these fantasy-type creatures into a corporate modern world is both fun and refreshing to read.

Interested in reading this series yourself? Check it out HERE!

Manga Recommendation: Plus Alpha no Tachi Ichi

Title: Plus Alpha no Tachiichi
By: GENI Yuu
Genre: Shoujo, Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure, Supernatural

If you were to fall into a world like one of your favorite manga or anime what would your role be? The lead hero or heroine? The loyal sidekick? The cool lone-wolf? The comic relief? Satoki Houma has determined that she is nowhere near pretty enough to be the main character even if such an absurd thing were to actually happen, especially if she fell into her favorite genre; Shoujo manga. Yet she mysteriously finds herself in this exact situation; An alternate world summons a Holy Maiden to save them and she ends up being whisked away to become their savior… except she wasn’t the only one caught up in the summoning! Her classmate Haruka Tendou ends up with her. Haruka, who certainly seemed to fit the role of Shoujo manga heroine, is immediately declared Holy Maiden, while Satoki is quickly brushed off to the side… but it wasn’t Haruka who was granted the powers of the Holy Maiden as they thought.

I will always have a soft spot for shoujo manga since it was one of the first genres of manga I got into, especially those of the magical girl variety. I grew up reading series like Magic Knight Rayearth, Fushigi Yuugi, Sailor Moon, and Card Captor Sakura. Series like Puella Magi Madoka Magica pulled me back in with their dark and twisted plot lines when I began to feel like I was too old for the genre. Plus Alpha no Tachi Ichi has given me an incredible nostalgia bomb without feeling like something I’ve already read; a frequent problem I’ve run into after nearly two decades of manga reading. This is all possible due to the combination of Satoki and Haruka. Satoki is incredibly relatable; she struggles with her self-confidence, she’s shy, she often compares herself to others, she doesn’t like the stress of meeting other people’s expectations, and she feels that she doesn’t necessarily look as good in outfits as others do. On the other hand Haruka fits the stereotypical heroine roll like a glove; she has a kind-hearted nature, she has a bubbly personality, she is indecisive with those interested in an relationship around her, and doesn’t want to let anyone down. Of course, she has the looks to boot.

So why should you read this manga? The manga doesn’t have a lot of translated chapters out yet and updates are running on the slow side but honestly I have yet to be let down by the story. Having been an avid shoujo manga reader myself I found this new take on magical girls to be a fantastic change of pace! The typical high school girl in a strange new world plot line is still there but with a unique twist that will keep you guess what will happen next and begging for more. I am eagerly awaiting more chapters because this series is looking very promising.

Interested in reading this series yourself? Check it out HERE!


Webtoon Recommendation: Cheese in the Trap

Title: Cheese in the Trap
By: soonkki
Genre: Drama, Romance

College life can be rough and sometimes students take breaks for one reason or another. Seol Hong has returned to college after one such break but no matter how much hard work she puts in she can’t seem to get a full scholarship thanks to Jung Yu, the top student who always seems to get it instead. Her partial scholarship helps but it just isn’t enough for her to keep going without taking another break. Suddenly Jung Yu’s assignment goes missing and the full scholarship is all hers! Jung Yu has been hanging around her lately and she can’t help but feel like her luck has gone sour since then. Is it all just a coincidence or is Jung actually behind it?

I picked up this webtoon out of sheer curiosity one day. I was looking around for a story that focused on young adults as opposed to teens for a change and I was pleasantly surprised with this one. I found a lot of the situations Seol ‘Dog Fur’ Hong found herself reflected situations that I’ve experienced at some point of my life or another as well as some sticky situations that left me wondering what I would have done had I come across the same thing. Blind dates, jealous classmates, stalkers, and spiteful co-workers… with troubles like these you’d think homework would be the last thing on her mind.

So why should you read this manga? If you enjoy Asian drama series this webtoon is definitely going to be of interest to you. Cheese in the Trap has been so successful as a webtoon that there is even a drama adaptation of it! The English translation is already well into Season 2 and poor Seol is, as usual, stuck in the thick of it all. The characters are well written too; Seol is smart and cautious but naïve and not it that ditzy way people often like to portray naivety; Jung is also smart, clever, and a bit mysterious; Inho is brash and a more than a little eager to pick a fight. The list goes on and on yet none of the characters feel generic. When life gives you lemons…right?

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