Princesses of Sailor Moon

The Sailor Moon series has many fans.
Some are die hard, knowing every bit of trivia out there while others are casual in their knowledge. One fun bit of knowledge that casual fans of the series may not know is that each of the sailor scouts were actually once princesses of their correlating planets! Much like Princess Serenity, they each had some gorgeous dresses to boot. Artist 童謠幻 did a wonderful job capturing the elegance and beauty of the inner scouts in their lovely princess attire. You can find more of their art HERE as well!


Sailor Fashionistas

Sailor Moon and friends have always been a fashionable bunch.
But fashion trends change and frankly the pretty guardian’s fashion has been quiet literally stuck in the 80s. Thankfully Korean artist 666pidgeon gave them a much needed outfit makeover! Don’t forget to check out more work from this artist HERE,and HERE!

Fashionable Senshi

Sailor Moon was one of the first shows I fell in love with as a little girl.
Honestly, I’m pleasantly surprised that love for the series is still around. Why? Because artists like Rachel Ho create lovely sets of fan art like this! These sailor scouts are looking fashionable and fantastic! You can find more of Rachel’s art HERE, HERE, and HERE!

Sailor Witches

Sailor Moon has been around for decades and you better believe that the fandom is still going strong! Artist Lana Jay even created this adorable Sailor Moon set of fan art depicting the popular magical girls as mondern day witches. Check it out below and be sure to check out more of her art work HERE!

Sailor Zodiacs

Sailor Moons popularity will likely never die.
Fans are able to create such a great variety of Sailor Scouts. Artist Drachea Rannak has actually brought to life Sailor Scouts inspired by the Zodiac signs! These are based on the winners of a design contest and are absolutely stunning! I’d love to see a show starring these lovely ladies.

Sailor Keybladers

Kingdom Hearts has become a beloved series.
It’s mash up of Disney and Square Enix characters was odd but ended up working rather well together. But what if we threw something else into the mix? How about Sailor Scouts! Artist Nijuuni has your answer with this adorable set of Sailor Scout Keybladers!

Be sure to check out more of Nijuuni’s work HERE!

Feudal Moon

Imagining anime characters in different eras is nothing new.
But that doesn’t make them any less interesting or creative! Artist Renareve has created these amazing designs of the inner senshi warriors as if they lived in feudal Japan and they fantastic! Be sure to check out more incredible work from Renareve on both facebook and tumblr!

Senshi Trainers

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are coming out soon! 
But not soon enough. Fans are finding creative ways to patiently pass the time until release; some play the older games, some dive into the fan fiction world, some indulge in the newly released Pokemon Go!, and some create some pretty impressive fan art!

Artist EarthGuardianMamoru came up with these completely adorable mash ups of the Sailor Moon and Pokemon series. Pokemon trainer cards for the heroines (and heros) of Sailor Moon!

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