Disney Gets Inked

The Disney gals get a lot of love from people of various walks of life.
We’ve seen Disney gals portrayed in many ways before, from Jedis to Pin Ups to even being a part of the Warhammer 40K universe! Heck, we’ve even seen a few princesses sporting tattoos before, but these gorgeous pieces by artist Santana show off a few of the lovely disney ladies in the process of getting their ink done. No tears here! These disney gals know how to take their ink and show it off too. Don’t forget to check out more from Santana HERE!


15 awesomely geeky tattoos

Sometimes you need more than a geeky shirt to express your fandom. Why not go for something more permanent… like an awesome tattoo! Check out these 15 geeky tattoos that fans have gotten to show off their geek cards.

15) PORTAL – Companion Cube by firepsychic

Cute, simple, and totally geeky!

14)  MASS EFFECT – Paragon and Renegade by elizabethtopsfield

I’ve seen a lot of renegade/paragon mashup tattoos but I really like this one in particular.

13) LOTR/DW/HGTTG – mash up by redditor s_jove

A classy & geeky mash up of Lord of the Rings, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and Doctor Who!

12) LOZ – Legend of Zelda mix by Jason Fanelli of GamesRadar.com

A clean and classy tattoo design  based on various games in the Legend of Zelda franchise! I’m loving this one!

11) HARRY POTTER – Dark Mark by ravensfool

UV ink tattoos make for creative yet mind blowing “disappearing” tattoos! Perfect for your hidden Dark Marks.

10) KINGDOM HEARTS – Oathkeeper & Oblivion by Nijuuni worn by kitsuneodensetsu

A Kingdomhearts inspired piece that looks amazing!

9) DRAGON AGE – Grey Warden by Douglas at Oxford Tattoo Company in Oxford, Mississippi

An incredible tattoo with the words of the Grey Wardens. “In War, Victory. In Peace, Vigilance. In Death, Sacrifice.”

8) STAR WARS – Wraith Squadron by redditor electriceric

This Star Wars inspired tattoo is both simple and bold! I love it!

7) SAILOR MOON – Sailor Moon Crisis Compact by Ryan Wiebusch at Artcore Tattoo in Seattle, WA on  Molly McIsaac

Even Sailor Moon fans can get their ink on!

6) FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST – Bloodseal FMA by reficulnatas for aabenhuus

5) LEAGUE OF LEGENDS – Avarosan Tattoo on Kira Ramirez

4) FIREFLY – Serenity by Robin H.

3) MARIO KART – by Linda @Whatever Tattoo, St. Marks, NY

2) SPLATOON – nendotaku

1) STAR TREK – Vulcan Script ‘Live Long and Prosper’ posted by beinginnocentisoverated