One full year of awesome-sauce!

It’s been an entire year since this blog first made an appearance on the internet! I must say it has been quite an experience. I wanted to take the time to not just give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who follows, supports, or just plain visits my blog. And don’t forget to check out my facebook page! Here is a small run down of the kind of content my readers seem to enjoy the most!

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Beautiful Hand Made Sailor Moon Figures

Capturing the beauty of a series can be difficult.
AngeniaC has found a creative and gorgeous way to show off the beauty of the Sailor Moon series in these wonderfully hand crafted polymer clay figures! The amount of detail put into each one is simply amazing.


Star Wars Samurai

Ever wonder what it would look like if Star Wars characters were designed to look like samurai? No? Oh… well here is what that would have looked like anyway! These are Bandai Tamashii Nations Meiso Movie Realization Samurai action figures! That’s quiet a mouthful to say but the amount of detail on these beauties are even more impressive.
Not only do you get to admire these glorious figures you can OWN them! Just click on any of the five images below:


And now for the fun stuff:

 photo sw_mr_item02_img06_b5ae8f1159f000cd79027f8fd23bcbfc.jpg

 photo sw_mr_item01_img03_abb91f68175a9b8f319c21abc3239c77.jpg

 photo sw_mr_item_main201_5a7dbaff84ad168e1087a0efdb57efe4.jpg

 photo sw_mr_item05_273f020b3d9db0aec877bec4709d68fd.jpg

 photo tamashii-nations-meisho-movie-realization-star-wars-toy-images-14.jpg

 photo sw_mr_item_main_b00922ca4d6f28570f4238272c83787a.png

 photo meisho-movie-realization-star-wars-samurai-general-darth-vader-death-star-ver.jpg

 photo sw_mr_item03_img_544d05ba4c42f4dfdd4e387938bbe666.jpg

 photo sw_mr_item03_img07_93d5fac2467c68b224d4e3ecaba27f25.jpg

 photo sw_mr_item02_img04_2fab23018a2291be78ac12baf9e31c6c.jpg

 photo sw_mr_item02_img03_77272576db900becde8d736b310d9290.jpg

 photo sw_mr_item_main_e7cc0d493d2977cc95b6f9c0d6a5113d.jpg

 photo taikoyaku-stormtrooper-tamashii-web-exclusive-meisho-movie-realization-actionfigur-star-wars-17-cm_BTN03737-8_12.jpg

 photo sw_mr_item_main202_5f75b40e4e8e82dd0f6fb0339bbc4504.png

 photo sw_mr_item06_5c0bf7a8eb1dcbf12f0b48e23011a443.jpg

 photo sw_mr_item02_tmb04_zoom_0ecb0224d426dcd2543939d1c71f8788.jpg

 photo sw_mr_item02_tmb04_zoom_0ecb0224d426dcd2543939d1c71f8788.jpg

Grab one for yourself today:

Big Sister custom figure

Sometimes it’s hard to find figures that you absolutely adore.
Especially when the character you are looking for isn’t exactly a protagonist… let alone a main or side chatacter of any sort! Like this absolutely amazing custom Big Sister figure made by Fiona Ng! Wow! My collection could totally use one of these! The amount of detail included is breathtakingly beautiful!

custom Big Sister Figure by Fiona Ng