Witcher Noir

The Witcher series has an incredible fan base.
And what do fans do best when they aren’t enjoying a series they love? Well finding other ways to celebrate it of course! From music videos to art and even just chatting among fellow fans, there are so many ways to express how much you like a series. Artist Ástor Alexander created this stunning set of faux Witcher posters showcasing prominent characters Geralt, Yennifer, Ciri, and Triss with a modern noir feel. If this was for an actual trilogy of movies I’d love to see it! You can find more work by Ástor Alexander HERE!


Final Nintendo X2

The Nintendo gals haven’t been getting enough love on this blog.
It’s time to remedy that! US artist skirtzzz was commissioned to create this set of art featuring a few of the ladies of Nintendo: Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina! Each lovely lady is sporting three different outfits based on the classes in Final Fantasy X2. CHeck them out below and be sure to see more of skirtzzz art HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE!




Mermaid Eevees

Mermaids have made a huge jump back into popularity.
Everything has a mermaid form these days and you can bet Pokemon are included as well (and I’m not complaining!). In fact, artist SunsetDragon has this adorable set of Eevee evolutions in mermaid form! Check them out below and then see more work by this artist HERE and HERE!










Tiny Inquisition

If there is one thing popular among geeky collectors it’s figurines.
Some series have more available than others which can leave fans feeling like there isn’t much out there for them. Artist Fiona Ng takes matters like this into her own hands! Last time I featured Fiona it was for her incredible custom Big Sister figure. This time it’s for her absolutly adorable Dragon Age Inquisition cast! These figures are a palm-sized 3 inches and custom made from resin. Be sure to check out more of Fiona’s work HERE!

Date A Dad!

By now most of you have heard of the Game Grumps.
By now most of you have also heard of their awesome dating sim “Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator”. The game is finally out and people are rushing to create what the game calls a ‘Dadsona’. Think that’s a bad joke? Not Dream Daddy! This game is filled to the brim with puns and dad jokes no matter which of the seven dreamy dads you decide to pursue.

Each beautiful dad has their own likes and dislikes meaning that what works for one dad won’t work on them all. Often times I found myself being a good match for a daddy I wasn’t particularly aiming for, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The game is surprisingly serious much to the relief of many dating simulator genre fans. The fear that a “parody dating sim” getting this much attention could have meant bad news for the genre but the Game Grumps and their team did a fantastic job staying true to what makes a dating sim fun yet simply changing the target audience.

Dream Daddy features a variety of gorgeous dads to romance. From the “Fitness Dad” to the “Rival Dad” to the “Goth Dad”, there is certainly a dream dad out there to suit your tastes. Your dream daddy is waiting!

Night in the Woods Appreciation

Night in the Woods has gathered an incredible amount of fans. 
From it’s cartoony feel to it’s relatable characters, this indie game has a way of worming it’s way of wriggling it’s way into the hearts of many. Here are a few fan art pieces that really capture the feel of the game!




4) pkbunny

5) ThreeHairs

6)  Opashoo


8) Artsy


10) Wahhbajack

Pokemon Go Anniversary!

Can you believe it?!
Tomorrow makes 1 full year of Pokemon Go having been unleashed on fan and although the hype has died down our love for the leaders of Mystic, Valor, and Instinct will live on in our hearts. Here are 23 awesome pieces of Candela, Blanche, and Spark fan art to celebrate.


2) satsuinohado


4) 5-ish

5) 90o

6) neoartcore

7) neoartcore

8) neoartcore

9) myotishi

10) monorirogue

11) merkymerx

12) laovaan

13) raddittz

14) evil-usagi

15) evil-usagi

16) evil-usagi

17) ayyasap

18) hatsuraikun

19) suyohara

20) sangrde

21) asml30

22) tatouji

23) sakimichan