Crystal Gem Nouveau

Art Nouveau has made an incredible come back in the art world.
Many artists have taken to drawing their favorite characters in this beautiful art style. Artist QnQ (also known as RockmanQQ) has created this gorgeous set of Crystal Gem fan art in this very style! Make sure to check out more of QnQ‘s work HERE and HERE!


Date A Dad!

By now most of you have heard of the Game Grumps.
By now most of you have also heard of their awesome dating sim “Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator”. The game is finally out and people are rushing to create what the game calls a ‘Dadsona’. Think that’s a bad joke? Not Dream Daddy! This game is filled to the brim with puns and dad jokes no matter which of the seven dreamy dads you decide to pursue.

Each beautiful dad has their own likes and dislikes meaning that what works for one dad won’t work on them all. Often times I found myself being a good match for a daddy I wasn’t particularly aiming for, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The game is surprisingly serious much to the relief of many dating simulator genre fans. The fear that a “parody dating sim” getting this much attention could have meant bad news for the genre but the Game Grumps and their team did a fantastic job staying true to what makes a dating sim fun yet simply changing the target audience.

Dream Daddy features a variety of gorgeous dads to romance. From the “Fitness Dad” to the “Rival Dad” to the “Goth Dad”, there is certainly a dream dad out there to suit your tastes. Your dream daddy is waiting!

Princesses Awareness Project


WARNING: Images may be considered to be quiet graphic!

It can be hard to get people to pay attention.
Especially when it comes to real world issues like sex trafficking, violence, and rape. Photographer Shannon Dermody came up with a photography project to help increase awareness of these serious world issues with the help of a piece of pop culture super stars: Disney Princesses. Check it out below and don’t forget to see more of her work HERE and HERE too!


Domestic Violence


Police Brutality




Sex Trafficking


Night in the Woods Appreciation

Night in the Woods has gathered an incredible amount of fans. 
From it’s cartoony feel to it’s relatable characters, this indie game has a way of worming it’s way of wriggling it’s way into the hearts of many. Here are a few fan art pieces that really capture the feel of the game!




4) pkbunny

5) ThreeHairs

6)  Opashoo


8) Artsy


10) Wahhbajack

Pokemon Go Anniversary!

Can you believe it?!
Tomorrow makes 1 full year of Pokemon Go having been unleashed on fan and although the hype has died down our love for the leaders of Mystic, Valor, and Instinct will live on in our hearts. Here are 23 awesome pieces of Candela, Blanche, and Spark fan art to celebrate.


2) satsuinohado


4) 5-ish

5) 90o

6) neoartcore

7) neoartcore

8) neoartcore

9) myotishi

10) monorirogue

11) merkymerx

12) laovaan

13) raddittz

14) evil-usagi

15) evil-usagi

16) evil-usagi

17) ayyasap

18) hatsuraikun

19) suyohara

20) sangrde

21) asml30

22) tatouji

23) sakimichan

Disney Benders

Some artists are just full of amazing ideas.
In fact, artist cartooncookie is back at it again with the mash-ups! This time featuring Disney characters in the world of Avatar: The Last Air Bender and The Legend of Korra. Check out this incredible set then head on over to cartooncookie‘s other pages to see more awesome artwork HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE!

Snow White and the Seven Earth Benders

Megara, Master of Throwing Daggers

Air Bender Pocahontas

Water Bender Ariel

Fire Bender Esmeralda

Swamp Bender Tiana

Jessica Rabbit as Asami Sato

Rapunzel of the Ancient Sun

Kiyoshi Warrior Muan

Princess Aurora of the Northern Water Tribe

Blood Bender Ursula

Earth Queen Yzma

Jafar, Head of the Dai Li

Fire Bender Jasmin

Earth Bender Kristoph

Water Bender Elsa

Fire Bender Anna

Water Bender Moana

Belle of the Mystical Library

Disney Order of the White Lotus

Earth Bender Cinderella

Freedom Fighter Merida

Water Bender Ariel with Prince Eric of the Water Tribe

Flynn Rider, Li Shang, and Kida = Team Fire Ferrets

Evil Queen Blood Bender

Fire Lord Malificent

Avatar Kida

Tea Spirits are back!

Sometimes there is just too much to share in one post.
It can get overwhelming! These Tea Spirits by L.A. artist Heather Penn are just too good to not have more of them shared. Don’t forget, you can buy prints of these HERE if you are interested or see more of her art HEREHERE, and HERE!

Gold Peony White

Imperial Pearl


Gold Peony Twisted Leaf

Bed Time Blend 

Taiping Houkui

Osmanthus Black

Silk Oolong

“Understeeped” Oolong


Tea Spirit

Tea Spirit

Tea Spirit

Arya Pearl Darjeeling

Kirin-Ish with Pear


Mountain Grape Oolong

Lapsang Souchong

Rose Chai

Game of Pokemon

Season 7 of Game of Thrones is almost here!
To hold you over until then you can browse this incredible set created by artist Kaleb Raleigh. This creative set is of Pokemon inspired by the Game of Thrones series. Does the art look familiar? That’s because I’ve featured Kaleb here before when this amazing Mass Effect Pokemon set was made! Be sure to check out more of Kaleb‘s work HERE!

House Stark

House Lannister

House Targaryen

House Baratheon

House Greyjoy

House Arryn

House Tyrell

House Tully

House Frey

House Bolton

House Martell

The Night’s Watch

House Forrester

The White Walkers