Princesses of Sailor Moon

The Sailor Moon series has many fans.
Some are die hard, knowing every bit of trivia out there while others are casual in their knowledge. One fun bit of knowledge that casual fans of the series may not know is that each of the sailor scouts were actually once princesses of their correlating planets! Much like Princess Serenity, they each had some gorgeous dresses to boot. Artist 童謠幻 did a wonderful job capturing the elegance and beauty of the inner scouts in their lovely princess attire. You can find more of their art HERE as well!


Hello again, Mr. KitKat!

Admittedly, I couldn’t get enough of the Mr.KitKat series.
ROSEL-D‘s execution of the set was splendid and adorable. Luckily ROSEL-D has created more of Japanese KitKat inspired personifications! So in the spirit of  Valentine’s Day, consider this my chocolaty gift to all of my readers! Don’t forget to check out more of the artist’s work HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE,and HERE!

Sakura Matcha

Choco Banana

Soy Sauce

Beni Imo (Purple Sweet Potato)


Cookie Dough

Masuizumi Sake

Iwaizumi Yoghurt



Sakura & Yukimizakura


Pokemon have been depicted in various ways.
Yet this is the first time I’ve come across such an intriguing approach! Artist Monica Corzo (Monarobot) from Mexico has been creating beautiful Mayan-inspired art and her Pokemayan series is incredible. The amount of colors and details are stunning! To see more of Monarobot’s work just go HERE, HERE, and HERE!

Charmander, Charmeleon, & Charizard

Squirtle, Wartortle, & Blastoise

Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, & Venasaur


Cubone & Marrowak

Bellsprout, Weepinbell, & Victreebel


Pidgeotto & Pidgeot

Oddish, Gloom, & Vileplume


Pichu, Pikachu, & Raichu

Gowns of the Villains

We’ve seen plenty of fan art around the Disney Princesses.
The villains could use a bit of love too! Artist SunsetDragon is here to save the day with this lovely set of gowns inspired by the evil-doers of the Disney worlds! Each of these looks are stunningly wicked. Find more art by SunsetDragon HERE and HERE!

Evil Queen

Cruella Deville




Queen of Hearts




Dr. Facilier



Making connections with others can be difficult.
Humans are complicated after all. Yet there is a short and sweet comic drifting around the internet that can help bring an understanding between people. Written by monsieurtoast and illustrated by l-a-l-o-u, COLORS is an absolute joy to read and takes only a moment of your time. Be sure to check out their pages HERE and HERE as well!